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Reptile & Amphibian - Classifieds Posting of classified ads by registered members is FREE!! But additional perks (like bumping and highlighting ads) require contributing level memberships.

Announcements in Forum : Reptile & Amphibian - Classifieds
01-24-2019 until 02-03-2021
On 02-02-2020 the BOI will be closed and deleted.

07-26-2014 until 12-30-2030
Company banner logos in classified ad thumbnails

Please note that although I generally prefer members using the classifieds to post actual photos of their animals in the thumbnail for their ads, some people have been using this function to display a logo banner instead of an animal for sale or a representative example animal. The only members I will allow this to take place for will be sponsors for the particular forum those ads appear in. They are already paying for a sponsorship link anyway, and I guess allowing them this perk is suitable and appropriate, all things considered.

To all that this may apply to, please comply ASAP.
04-07-2014 until 12-30-2030
Creating a classified ad - HOW TO

If anyone is confused about how to post a classified ad on this site, I created a HOW TO that is posted in the Feedback Forum that might be of some help. -> http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/foru....php?p=1701708
04-06-2012 until 12-30-2020
Indirect advertising linking to Facebook or other websites

I'm sorry, but the classifieds sections on this website have been put into place for members to advertise their animals, services, merchandise, etc. with the intention that those sales or wanteds offerings take place HERE. As such, I believe using the classified sections of this site to merely point a viewer to your own website, or your page on another website, or any competing service site, is an abuse of this privilege. If you want to advertise HERE, then you are certainly welcome to do so. Any indirect advertising of the type mentioned above will be removed upon discovery, and can result in infraction points for the member abusing the resources of this site in that manner.

If you wish to advertise an alternative website or page, then I would suggest that you purchase global site banner ads or other advertising services at my http://www.FaunaAds.com website and do so in that manner.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
01-11-2010 until 12-31-2020
FULL NAMES and COMPLETE VALID LOCATION are now required when posting in the classifieds sections

I've been hinting around at this for quite a while now, so I guess it is now time to make it official.

Much the same as FULL NAMES are required when posting within the BOI forums, this is now being extended to the classifieds forums as well. The reason for this is because I feel it behooves everyone buying and selling to know exactly WHO they are dealing with. In that, I mean if you are going to do business with someone, KNOW WHO IT IS you are dealing with. If they are using a fake name here, well, maybe that should be a red flag to you. If they want you to send your animals, merchandise, or payment to someone other than the name they are using here, well maybe, just maybe, you are being taken for a ride and they are trying to cover their tracks with one or more fake IDs. I would also pay attention to the location field within their profile. If this field says they are located in North Carolina, but they claim they really reside in Texas, well, why is that? That also should raise a BIG red flag for you.

The purpose of all this is to try to help you to help yourself keep from getting burned. We are not going to be responsible for your making a mistake, as all we can legitimately do is TRY to give you all the tools we can to help you to not make a big mistake. YOU are responsible, ultimately, for making the decision as to whether or not you feel comfortable engaging in a transaction with another party.

So if you see evidence of someone using a false name and/or location here, not only do I recommend that you thoroughly satisfy your own mind that you are making a wise decision, but I would like to ask you to also report any member who pulls a switcheroo with that information. They are violating the rules here, and we are going to make an effort to curtail that practice as much as is possible.

So please, help us to help YOU.
08-01-2009 until 12-31-2020
Please check the FEEDBACK FORUM for help!

If something does not work correctly, or perhaps something has changed here that you are not aware of, PLEASE check the Feedback Forum in the Admin Area of this site. That is where I will be posting information that might have a bearing on what you are experiencing. Changes can happen here as needed, when needed, and there is just no way I can contact everyone before hand to let them know of the pending changes. I'm sorry, but I just cannot take the time to respond to maybe hundreds of emails from people perplexed and wanting me to personally relate to them why they can no longer do something that they used to be able to do. So, quite frankly, I will just have to ignore those emails and not reply. Or, at best I may just request that you check the Feedback Forum for an answer to your question.

This is just FYI to let you know that there IS a place on this site where such information is posted, or if you can't find the answer, then you can ask it there to get an answer to help you.
09-24-2008 until 12-30-2020
Thumbnail photos for classified ads

As some of you may have noticed a new modification (09/24/08) has been added to the classifieds sections in order to allow thumbnail photos to be displayed in the topic line of your ad when viewing the forum.

This is an automated feature that will take the FIRST uploaded photo as an attachment, and display it in that area of your ad. If you have an older ad without an attachment, this can be added IF you have the ability to edit your ad to add an attachment. Since there is a time limit on post editing, not everyone will be able to do this for every ad they have here. In that case, the best solution may be to delete your old ad and simply create a new one with the attachment(s) you want in there.

Hope everyone likes the new mod!

BTW, I would like to put a restriction on the use of that function. It is for the display or ANIMALS only, and is not to be used for a logo of your business, or any sort of generic graphic that denotes a sale, auction, or anything of that nature. It needs to be SOLELY used for the display of the animals you are trying to sell. Otherwise, I can see where this will get way out of hand, and eventually negate the entire purpose of having that mod done here.

I hope everyone understand my reasoning behind wanting to have the classifieds this way.
09-21-2008 until 12-31-2020
Using the PREFIX tags for your classified ads

One new feature of this upgraded version of vBulletin that I have been playing with lately is the capability of creating tags as a prefix for a newly created thread. What this does is to allow a member to more easily determine a general category that a thread may be in.

In the classifieds sections, I have put in the following thread prefix tags:
  • [For Sale]
  • [Wanted]
  • [Trade]

Hopefully this will help keep things more organized in those particular sections. One neat feature that might come in handy with these prefex tags is that once those tags have had a chance to be more heavily utilized, you can set up a filter for viewing a classified forum that will limit the display to ONLY those threads with the tag prefix that you select. So if you only wanted to look at the FOR SALE threads, you could filter out all of the rest of them.

To give you some examples on how to use this feature, here's some help.

When you create a new thread (classified ad) in this section, you will see a new drop box available.

Clicking on the down arrow will show you a list of available prefix tags to apply to your new thread. In this instance, I selected "For Sale".

Now when you complete your thread (classified ad) and submit it, here's how it will look when that classified section is viewed:

Marking each thread with the appropriate prefix tag will make it VERY easy for members to see what category (For Sale, Wanted, etc.,) your thread is in.

But wait! There's more!

After this has been used for a while, suppose you ONLY want to view those threads that are in the For Sale category? Well, you can do that, by simply using the Display Options section for the forum. Notice below that there is a new option available for those prefix tags.

Using that drop down menu, you can select any one of the tags, or ALL of them or no prefixes. So, for instance, if you selected to view only the threads tagged with the For Sale prefix,

Here's an example of what that display would look like using that option:

For now, I am making the use of those prefix tags optional in the classifieds section, and mandatory in the BOI sections.

But see how EASY that is?
09-08-2006 until 12-10-2020
Classifieds User Control Panel

Please read this notice about the *new* Classifieds Control Panel recently implemented.


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