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  1. No Reserve Leopard Tortoise:
  2. No Reserve Yearling Hermann's Tortoise:Smooth shells
  3. No Reserve 3 toed Box Turtles:
  4. Reserve Pair of 2012 Blonde Dalmatian Hermann's Tortoises
  5. No Reserve 5 month old Leopard Tortoise:
  6. Reserve aldabra tortoise,for sale $1200 for each
  7. Reserve Ibera Greek Auction
  8. No Reserve Russian Tortoise (male) for pics text 207-206-6570
  9. Reserve cuora turtles available
  10. No Reserve Japonica and Adalbra turtles also available
  11. No Reserve Cuora mccordi for sale
  12. No Reserve Cuora Flavomarginata, Cuora trifasciata, cuora mccordi high yellow radiate for sale
  13. No Reserve Cuoa aurocapitata turtle, cuora mccordi turtle and Adalbra tortoise for sale
  14. No Reserve Four red-eared slider turtles looking for good home
  15. No Reserve Russian Tortoise 10834
  16. No Reserve Juvenile and Adult Snapping turtle looking for home