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  1. Need to build a rack for corn snakes!
  2. Importing Question
  3. What would you do?
  4. How to prevent or identify a scam???
  5. Has anyone ever sent reptiles to Puerto Rico?
  6. lol read this, this guy thinks he is sneaky.
  7. returned merchandise
  8. What would you do?
  9. Scam works this time!
  10. Suspected mail teft....whos responsible
  11. Driving The Cost Of Animals Down!!!
  12. veiled chameleon prices and demand.
  13. Deal killers? - box charges and paypal fees
  14. Turning down a buyer
  15. Refusing to ad 3% to the price for paypal
  16. Export & Import Wonted for Europa (Germany)
  17. shipping to germany
  18. Price of hatchling viper geckos?
  19. PayPal add-on fee right here!!!
  20. way to accept credit cards on my site
  21. Can I sell ornate or three toed box turts in South Dakota?
  22. H & R Reptiles? Weird ad.....
  23. Erick Monday???
  24. I have his money AND his snakes~ Now what??
  25. Frustrating customers
  26. breeding
  27. Tinley Park Impressions
  28. Is it worth my time or mone to advert here?
  29. Business on kingsnake that sells snakes and kitchen suplies
  30. Using technology
  31. Feedbacks
  32. Things Look a little Different on the BOI
  33. Do you know of any Pet Supply companies, who will work with beg. or home business?
  34. Does anyone know of any supplies company who will deal with home businesses ???
  35. Registering a domain for dummies
  36. Paperwork that can be trusted?
  37. How long is too long to wait for payment?
  38. looking for opinions
  39. What would you do? I need help!
  40. Another scam artist mac_moris@graffiti.net
  41. A reply to looking for opinions....
  42. Seller will not give me money nor will Delta, Now what do I Do (help)???
  43. TOS posted in an ad today.
  44. My hat goes off to the good guys and gals....
  45. Ron Radloff replaced the missing Pastel..
  46. Let's take a break from all the drama...please read
  47. Would there be any herp business on the WWW if everyone obeyed the law?
  48. NY reptile ban has been signed into law!
  49. Interested in opinions on this
  50. Quick Way To delet old ads?
  51. I need your help!
  52. Nigerian scammer getting desperate
  53. Customer Code of Ethics
  54. Reptibid.com, Working?
  55. Death on arrival and reimbursement
  56. A New Revelation That Uses the IRS to collect
  57. Exotic mammals
  58. Kingsnake advertisment prices--is it worth it?
  59. 2004 year in review-good guys
  60. Sellers beware!!!! This Check looks so real!!
  61. warning big scam
  62. Inquiry on Retail Sales Law
  63. Bad business practice or inventive solution?
  64. Mentorships...and what got you started
  65. Reporting Bad Guys/Gals - It may be affecting us all!
  66. Read the date!
  67. just a Question???????
  68. Natural Disasters Effect on Imports?
  69. Getting replies...
  70. Should I file a paypal dispute?
  71. copyrighting info
  72. Another joker from West Africa: nice try buddy!
  73. Please delete
  74. Wrong sex!
  75. Snakes with "papers"
  76. Who Supplies the Suppliers?????
  77. Asking too much of your customers...
  78. To ship, or not to ship?
  79. Alert!!!!!! Fraudulent credit card purchases
  80. What are u looking for in a store
  81. fauna webmaster sent me a virus?
  82. how do you trade?
  83. Reptile parties
  84. Dead Albino Boa through Delta Dash...... Need to Vent!!!
  85. Kingsnakes Classifieds
  86. Snake breeding and taxes?
  87. What info would you require?
  88. Dhserps is now in business with The Constrictor Zone/Doug Truitt
  89. Free Reptile Care Sheets...
  90. The depth of FaunaClassifieds
  91. Need some advice on a business issue.. Please.
  92. Just a quick question
  93. HELP - what would you do in this situation
  94. Need a little advice....
  95. Reptile rescue forming in NE Texas
  96. Market Research
  97. who can tell me.
  98. Mom is now a published Auther!
  99. advice on opening a petstore
  100. 4 heat packs in a box DEAD SNAKES whos to blame
  101. Is this weird or is it just me
  102. breeders shipping USPS
  103. Credit card fraud!
  105. The Best Story....... EVER
  106. where?
  107. Shipping with the proper amount of heat packs???
  108. How long to wait??
  109. Know any Reptile Stores in the Seattle, WA area???
  110. REPTISCAMMERS, FLIMFLAMMERS, and all around bad guys UNITE!!
  111. Is this site selling Accepted Certification of Good Guy Staus????
  112. Bogus paypal email - do not reply if you get it
  113. Tripple H Herps - Donating 10% of profits to "Cancer Sucks" Organization
  114. Whats the best way to send a payment?
  115. responding to ads
  116. keeping in touch
  117. How NOT to get ripped off
  118. Garbled post that seemed odd...
  119. Blown off
  120. ways to increase pet store herp sales?
  121. I remember when......
  122. Good News
  123. Hi all
  124. Reptile Direct
  125. business search results based on the meaning of words
  126. Advice.....recent transaction..kind of long....
  127. Plants Challenge Genetic Inheritance Laws
  128. paypal?
  129. acceptable business "special"?, unethical?, or semantics aside still illegal?
  130. Renters Insurance for Breeders
  131. Breeding My Ball Pythons 1st time
  132. West Virginia exotic animal ban
  133. Is this a Scam
  134. Selling “proven” animals.
  135. Pet Store contacted me....
  136. I need to make my business legal, and I have a lot of questions...
  137. What do you think of this ad?
  138. Anyone have any experiance with The Reptile Room?
  139. Sale Etiquette..please help.
  140. Murphy's Laws of Snake Breeding
  141. paperwork for hets?
  142. A question about a couple of guys who were suspended and then returned without paying
  143. Legality Question???
  144. New drug resistant Salmonella in rodents
  145. Sellers permits?
  146. PTI : what do you expect from a seller?
  147. Requesting a Vets Analysis appropriate or not???
  148. How hard is it to protect our pictures from being copied?
  149. What’s the first thing that attracts your attention in an ad?
  150. How do you keep track of your PayPal account?
  151. Does this person really want to sell something?
  152. Something I really like in ads!
  153. Input...
  154. sale/trade different price
  155. Home owner's insurance for home reptile business?'s
  156. Urgent help needed - proteus mirabilis and pseudo aeruginosa
  157. How would you handle this situation?
  158. PayPal questions
  159. How are you searching for people/businesses in the WWW?
  160. Thread info
  161. Need advice on a deadbeat bidder
  162. Does breeding genetic yellow bellies to normal ball pythons makes any sense from an e
  163. Possible nigerian scam?
  164. I need some info on bad business practices.
  165. Bearded Pets E-mail
  166. Microchipping?
  167. Auctioning on 2 sites at same time?
  168. Am I a heartless person or not just seeing the big pictures?......
  169. Breeding partnership questions
  170. Is my lease void?
  171. Mice or rat breeder near the 714 area needed!
  172. wondering about the paypal 3%
  173. Professionalism
  174. And people get PAID for this?!?
  175. If shipping was restricted to just airlines, will that affect your business?
  176. How to advertise for sale boas that are not CB?
  177. Post here ? So with hurricanes, what does one do with..
  178. What's your opinion on pushing your buyers to the BOI?
  179. Trade Audit and Review Board
  180. Normal Adult Female Breedable Ball Python
  181. Question about auction rules
  182. Are fuel prices crashing the herp market?
  183. UK Buyers? INFO
  184. Best practices - selling reptiles
  185. Wholesellers?
  186. Pay Pal & Disputes
  187. What does this mean?
  188. Using the WWW to advertise but not replying to e-mails.
  189. Changing a business name due to name taken
  190. ALERT- Spoof paypal notice
  191. My Free Snakes from Dennis1
  192. Shipping charges
  194. Opinions on only taking checks in the mail with tracking info
  195. Would including a USPS MO on trades help decrease the risk posed by trades?
  196. Delete Me Please
  197. Acceptable Practices
  198. Herp laws info needed
  199. ball python trio
  200. Potential Refund Issue Arising, Looking for Advice/Opinions.
  201. How to handle dead returned animal.
  202. Paypal echecks - Be careful with them
  203. What, in your opinion, constitutes a "Professional" breeder?
  204. Trading Problems- What do you think
  205. Shipping costs might impact your bottom line in the near future.
  206. Is breeding your own rodents cost effective?
  207. What’s going on with the cage companies?
  208. Live Arrival Guarentees
  209. Should the buyer pay for the return shipping in the event of a DOA?
  210. Should the buyer pay for the return shipping in the event of a DOA?
  211. Trends in the reptile and overall pet industry
  212. For those that use cell phones in their transactions...
  213. Looking for some advice on a recent transaction
  214. Help and opinions wanted.
  215. No thanks, I’m just looking…
  216. potential even trade
  217. Importers/collectors, beaware of Florida's new laws!
  218. Looking for a Blood Python Breeder
  219. Reputable Dealer Online or Locally for ExoTerra Tanks
  220. Latest email spoof/scam
  221. Trade for Review and Record
  222. Fancy Cage Labels for Retail Store? Where can I get them?
  223. TRADE, in southern california
  224. Business License
  225. NYS Animal Sales laws
  226. Dealing with minors
  227. NYC Health Regulation 161.01
  228. 3rd party payment
  229. business
  230. bear dimablobo (bearofpossession@hotmail.com)
  231. NYC Tri State area Importers/Distributors/Wholesalers
  232. Gotta love it... or not.
  233. At what point do you
  234. curious about possible business name
  235. Silkworm Farm?
  236. Snake for Crested Geckos
  237. How should I handle this?
  238. Shipping to Philippines
  239. I almost fell for this one
  240. Fauna Mentor Program?
  241. What's up with the web?
  242. Businesses Beware/ telephone scams
  243. Add-ons? Do you make money off of them?
  244. Freebies! Do you like to give/receive them?
  245. Cashiers Checks - boggus from India!!
  246. Shipping included in price
  247. Web Sites - Make or Break?
  248. I'm thinking..............
  249. When is something considered sold?
  250. Modifying my TOS