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  1. Discrimination exemption for insurance companies?
  2. More discrimination rants...
  3. Social Security
  4. Sellers who don't respons to e-mail
  5. Little brained people
  6. Space the final frontier
  7. Kingsnake.com's NEw and Improved Forums
  8. Porn Spammers MUST DIE!!!
  9. Animals dressed as Humans...
  10. Dimensional Weight
  11. Insurance Companies---Theives w/o a gun!
  13. SPAM and SPAM BLOCKERS - the cure as bad as the disease??
  14. Stupid Ozbournes
  15. Ignorant educators...
  16. Jessica Santillan Family
  17. Once again, PeTA rears its ugly head
  18. Why did I just pay for an education?
  19. If I were the devil incarnate....
  20. Kids, poor grammar, and laziness
  21. My own little, personal pet peeve!
  22. You just gotta love it...
  23. Protestors - Protesting to the wrong people.
  25. A disturbing trend . . .
  26. ANTI WAR? READ THIS It may help you see things the way they are.
  27. ~The New Generation of Caregivers~God help us!~
  28. All I wanted was a dog~
  29. People who Can't Spell "Burm"
  31. A brief note to the civilian members...
  32. Famous Quotes of War
  33. A letter from Charlie Daniels...
  34. Animal rights ONLY for fuzzy, warm ones!
  35. FRANCE
  36. Land of the free, indeed!!
  37. Spelling & Grammar 101 lessons in chat!
  38. Telemarketers ...please read
  39. Has this ever happened to you,,?
  40. "Reverse" Discrimination
  41. Automobile accident / personal injury lawsuit.. legal advice needed.
  42. Anti-war idiots sink to a new low...
  43. Layoffs of longtime employees
  44. The Right To Leave
  45. fast food lines
  46. PeTA must be smokin' some primo stuff...
  47. Sounding Off on my own STUPIDITY...
  48. People who refuse to follow rules.
  49. I need a lawyer, a rifle, or a valium? (Very long angry rant!)
  50. rabid anti-venomoid people
  51. The Good Old Days
  52. Auction pet peeve
  53. Animals do grow
  54. yup
  55. new animal mags
  56. Bingo cards!
  57. Don't spend my money!!
  58. Some People Really P*ss me Off!!!
  59. I know I can't spell why must they point it out?
  60. Law breakers breaking laws to uphold laws
  61. Marion, Ohio- A Rant
  62. I think hybrids are great
  63. Warning! Overseas Account Transfer Scam!
  64. Bronze Star
  65. Is this industry really getting depressing, or is it just me?
  66. Rich Z & George Carlin
  67. There are some sorry SOBs in this world!
  68. Someone is screwing with my PC! If your search engine stops working, check this out
  69. South Carolinians, take note...
  70. Same old Rants
  71. Getting it off my chest
  72. Computers.......
  73. Almost had to kill the neighbor's dog
  74. Those who wouldn't do business with us.
  75. Herp laws
  76. bad/good guy
  77. Poachers and the AGFC
  78. People who are faster/smarter/online more than me
  79. Prime Example
  80. Changing the standard on the BOI?
  81. all yall need to get off your A$$ES and start utilizing the forum
  82. -The Shocking Truth About Drug Prices
  83. "Water" bed
  84. thereptilian.com
  85. rip offs-please read
  86. herp 3 state sting?
  87. How 'bout people who can't spell SHED!?!
  88. Instant Karma's Gonna Get You....
  89. Stupid Email forwards!!!
  90. People who hate pit bulls
  91. About Ken Yates, owner of Elite Reptiles
  92. Clearing accusations
  93. Beware of Chameleoncondo
  94. venomoid creators good bad?
  95. Al Quaeda and assholes
  96. Merry Christmas Everyone !!!
  97. losing money
  98. Keep your BUTT where it belongs!!!
  99. Not Here For The Biz.....
  100. Man this add just chapps my hide
  101. Ad Trends
  102. Liars
  103. Go Buy A Camera!!!!!!
  104. Mexican amnesty again?
  105. Know it all scammers.
  106. Another "to jump, or not to jump"
  107. Using war to sell your monitor lizards. Unbelievable? Check this out.
  108. Getting old(er)...and not so gracefully
  109. Commercial Collection of native Herps
  110. The Word Police...
  111. Possible het for this, possible het for that in ads
  112. cat scratching posts / furniture
  113. One Who has No Beliefs and Why.......
  114. Red Blood Python With No Eyes $200
  115. Living in California
  116. Exciting news!!!!!
  117. immaturity
  118. Photographs of a Nice Animal next to a pile of...
  119. people who spell garter or decay
  120. Fat People
  121. A must see film...
  122. Beer vs. Jesus
  123. Liberal trash spitting on Pat Tillman's grave.
  124. This just TICKS me off!!!
  125. This sickens me
  126. Warning
  127. West Texas Herping and Big Trucks Bad Mix!
  128. Ball idiots......(sorry, another ball rant)
  129. I am sick and tired of lack of FAUNA support..
  130. The Formation of Exclusive Cliques...
  131. Wrong Pic My Ass.....
  132. I am soooooooo angry!!!!!!!!!!
  133. Frustrations with Media
  134. Nigerian Email Scam
  135. No response!
  136. Just a bit peeved
  137. Super Glue Is The Devil!!!!
  138. Chris Guida-cmg Reptiles
  139. "I don't know, its uh, brown with spots?"
  140. How about an alternate points standing for those who can't read?
  141. Irresponsible %#@!&*@ parents
  142. IGNORANT PEOPLE and other things i hate
  143. 3 cougar kittens
  144. Ethics & Common Sense
  145. Just plain rude add on Kingsnake...
  146. ever heard of cruise control?
  147. Why dont big name companies care about selling?
  148. Repeated Questions
  149. Marcia Makes Fun Of Me Cuz I Say.....
  150. This is ridiculous!!!
  151. Barely Making It....
  152. losing job...
  153. Computer illiterate brother keeps screwing up the computer
  154. Saying Good Bye To All
  155. R.i.p Andre Hicks
  156. Theres more to the pitbull ban than meets the eye!!!
  157. Ball Python Morphs
  158. O/T - I have to vent..
  159. What Is This Crap!
  160. A bit of my rambling.
  161. They are not here!!
  162. R.I.P. "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott
  163. What do you think about TELEMARKETERS?!
  164. what are these adoption people thinking
  165. trhe best in rants
  166. we need spell check
  167. Fnd a pair
  168. Whatever happened to politeness and consideration?
  169. CSI Miami; bad guys?
  170. webslave is gonna kill fauna classifieds
  171. What do you think about Ogrish?
  172. banned from reptichat.com
  173. Some valueable lessons I learned about doing reptile shows.
  174. Well....Time for me too saddle up and ride on.
  175. The world would be better off without computers
  176. Oh, I hate this part!!!!!!!!!
  177. Bogus Freakin' Reptile Rescues
  178. Anyone else see the humor in this ad?
  179. Scammers!
  180. Common Courtesy
  181. Illinois child support
  182. Ahhhhh My Foot
  183. Spring?
  184. A Holes on Parade
  185. School Reduces Suspension Over Cell Phone Call
  186. What a load of crap!
  187. Andy Rooney's (60 minutes) tips for telemarketers
  188. Lawmaker proposes bill to censor National Weather Service website
  189. buying reptiles with fake checks...
  190. Give me my order!!!
  191. I won't forget the men who died.
  192. Since when is 'milk chocolate' purple??
  193. Money Talks and Michael Jackson Walks
  194. Robin?
  195. Truce?
  196. Thought, opinions, facts, and honesty?
  197. Offers 2 day shipping
  198. Another scammer.
  199. Ebonics added to California school curriculum
  200. Watertown Fire...
  201. Tired if stupid Internet crap like this:
  202. A favor please regaurding owens the "moderator"
  203. Anyone else feel like throwing their computer against a wall???
  204. Moderators
  205. The "Ignore" dysfunction
  206. Fraudulent offers on Amazon.com
  207. What do you think?
  208. Hurricane Katrina
  209. Fake Katrina victims...
  210. Why are Katrina victims called Refugees?
  211. Recent things that are really annoying...
  212. Be a part of the answer
  213. Recycling taken to a whole new level.... ewwww!
  214. why not try it
  215. Some people just piss me off!
  216. Dear DNR God...
  217. Classified rant
  218. Really Pitiful... BOI stuff...
  219. Teaching Creationism in Public Schools
  220. Now this idea has merit IMO
  221. Stupid care sheets
  222. Protest high gas prices
  223. Hip Dysplasia Sucks!
  224. Reward
  225. I Hate My Old Job!!!!
  226. Andy Rooney's Tips For Telemarketers
  227. Rude people...
  228. This is just unbelievable to me..
  229. Goody too shoes and pests...
  230. Ahhh
  231. Old Guys who Drive!
  232. Quality Assurance
  233. Ebay gets sellers any way they can with fees
  234. Feel free to igonre this post, serious self pity party inside.
  235. Dubbya a bush or Not a bush, that is the question
  236. AGAIN with the Parcel Post
  237. annoying
  238. I'm going to go nuts!
  239. Dissapointed/Disgusted/Depressed
  240. Flakey Buyers
  241. Dogs on the road???
  242. Have people's imagination's died?
  243. Why do we tolerate bad pet shops?
  244. Can't find my Mom & Dad
  245. what the heck??
  246. Two individuals made a difference in the welfare of my animals during 2005.
  247. Stupid Neighbors
  248. My STUPID Husband!!!!!!!!!!!
  249. Unbelievable...
  250. Some People's Children!!!