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  1. Geese, ducks used to feed lizard
  2. Mississippi Restaurant Caught Preparing Cotton Mouth
  3. Two-foot gator found roaming Longmont pond
  4. Scientists rewrite evolutionary history of reptiles
  5. Man Jailed For Not Tagging Turtles, Snakes
  6. Biting Head Off Gecko Lands New York Man in Jail
  7. New regulation would discourage rattlesnake roundups
  8. Slow deaths of 5 tortoises expose horrifying practice
  9. Hurricane Evacuee Stuck in a Motel Because of Pet Snakes
  10. Vets at Zoo Atlanta inseminate snake
  11. Herp news articles
  12. Two-Headed Snake for Sale for $150,000
  13. 200-pound snake eats cat
  14. Man Aims for New Snake-Kissing Record
  15. Another rare reptile born at Prague Zoo
  16. Endangered Lizard Stolen from Okla. Zoo
  17. Rare lizards confiscated in robbery case!
  18. Snakes Stolen From Fla. Classroom
  19. Fla. Man Gets Jail For Stealing Sea Turtles
  20. Safeguarding Madagascar’s amazing but deeply threatened biodiversity
  21. House snake caught in spider's web
  22. 3 Accused Of Stealing Snakes, Alligators
  23. Watch Out Crocs, New Python Heading To Everglades
  24. Goats help save rare bog turtles
  25. John L. Behler, 62, Dies; Influential Voice for Saving Reptiles
  26. Construction to begin on Georgia sea turtle rehab center
  27. Residents alarmed to hear of missing snake
  28. Bit by reptile in pet shop, he sues for $5M
  29. Florida may require permit for large reptiles
  30. Yellow Anaconda eats a cow
  31. Teen convicted of breaking into Wilmington zoo
  32. Man used crossbow to kill rats for snake
  33. GA Man learns milking rattlesnake can be hazardous to health
  34. Mash the monitors
  35. Viper venom could yield blockbuster stroke drug
  36. Thieves swipe rare snake from pet store
  37. Snake clogs septic lines
  38. Taipan venom could become life saver
  39. Couple of crocs found shot in the Keys
  40. Bizarre Assassin Spiders Discovered in Madagascar
  41. Eight foot python found in Mt. Vernon park
  42. Exotic snakes stolen during shipping
  43. Sweetwater Round-Up records fourth highest total
  44. Article About Bert Langerwerf
  45. Fisherman Brings Home 10-Foot Python
  46. World's Oldest Tortoise' Dies After 250 Years
  47. ZooMed's reptile business slithers along
  48. Snake shipper charged with animal cruelty
  49. Slow-moving desert tortoise can't outrun potential pet owners
  50. Florida alligator farmers cashing in on fashion trend
  51. Format for posting news articles
  52. New "exotic" animal ban in MN
  53. California-Meeting with Assemblymember
  54. Why you shouldn't drive with a loose snake in the car
  55. Lawmakers and scientists battle problem burms in everglades
  56. Kansas: House passes regulation of exotic animals
  57. Gila monsters draw black market interest
  58. Another example of sensationalism in the media
  59. Exotic Pet Ban
  60. Snake found in broccoli
  61. More bad media, public complains, news source indifferent
  62. Rattlesnakes Grow Even While Starving
  63. Industry boom puts sea turtles at peril
  64. New at the Shedd Aquarium
  65. Snakes are a looking...
  66. Ball Pythons in the Florida news
  67. Snakes stolen from Santa Cruz dealer
  68. Updated:Florida's high-tech attack on unwanted snakes
  69. Pythons have heart
  70. Burms in the News....Yet Again
  71. Snake bites woman at Home Depot
  72. Massachusetts considering dropping Spotted Turtle protected status
  73. Pretty Cool Retic
  74. Mock funeral held for turtles in Orissa - Greenpeace activists detained
  75. Lawrenceville GA - Man charged with neglecting dogs, snakes
  76. Tsunami wall adds to turtle extinction crisis
  77. Delaware begins search for elusive bog turtles
  78. Terrified family gets Python with their new television
  79. Benavides woman gives birth after being bit by snake
  80. Tuatara
  81. Bite Me
  82. Loose Python Caught Trying To Eat Duck On Long Island
  83. Fla. Island Town Overrun With Iguanas
  84. Boa Constrictor Found In Santa Ana Arson Rubble
  85. Wildlife Officials Seize Hundreds Of Turtles From Home
  86. Biology professor unraveling the mysteries of the turtle
  87. 400 Dolphins Wash Up Dead Off African Coast
  88. Native lizards being devoured by little 'T-Rex ' throughout South Florida
  89. Shingleback Skink found in Palolo, HI
  90. Fla. Senate nixes bill that would have tighten rules on non-native reptiles
  91. 21 gopher tortoises found dead after plowing
  92. Woman attempts to set snake on fire, damages her house
  93. Mouse Sets House on Fire
  94. Injured sea turtle rescued off Georgia coast
  95. Snake Defense
  96. Alligator Bites Fla. Real Estate Tycoon
  97. House for sale, complete with resident tortoise
  98. FL - Exotic Pet Amnesty Day
  99. Teens Facing Charges for Rattlesnake Prank
  100. Snake calls a burden for firefighters
  101. Pet Python Kills Dog in Florida
  102. Wisconsin Man to be cited after poisonous animals confiscated
  103. Alligator kills jogger in FL
  104. Study confirms alligators ARE dangerous
  105. Microchip brings lost tortoise home
  106. Elderly Woman Beats Back Reptile With Garden Hose
  107. Agents find cocaine in cage with boa constrictor
  108. Tegus used to transport cocaine in Argentina
  109. Another aligator attack
  110. NY state confiscates pet turtles
  111. Petco employee's comments on snake keeping
  112. Proposed ordinance would ban sale of pythons, iguanas in Palm Beach County
  113. Latest Alligator Reports
  114. Rare turtles rescued from Hong Kong market
  115. 12 ft alligator trapped in canal
  116. FWC Extends Gator Hunting Season
  117. Authorities find animals, squalid conditions in Farmington NH house
  118. Massachusetts votes to remove spotted turtle from special protection list
  119. Florida's Gator Frenzy
  120. Kentucky Man Finds Python in Rental Car
  121. Western pond turtle population dropping
  122. Apartment resident opens closet and finds big snake
  123. FL - Commission may uplist gopher tortoise to 'threatened'
  124. Blanding’s Turtles on the Move in MN
  125. Alligator captured while wandering Pawtucket
  126. Orissa woman marries snake
  127. Head started turtles heading back to the wild
  128. Dieppe roommates told to lose the snakes or face eviction
  129. Snakes On A Plane, For Real
  130. 6 foot Nile caught in Cape Coral
  131. Rattler's bite leaves Pueblo teen leery
  132. Tortoise smuggler sentenced
  133. Venomous Snake Pops Up Inside Truck
  134. Kemp's ridley nest totals a record this season on Texas Gulf Coast
  135. Gator appears in Ludington MI
  136. Tortoise missing from Palmdale school feared bludgeoned to death
  137. Missing Texas tortoise found a week later
  138. Casper WY City Council to finalize exotic pet language
  139. Wilmington NC - Sea Turtles Released Back into the Ocean
  140. PA - Snake hunters could face last roundup
  141. St. Rose student attacked by snake
  142. Alligator-like reptile killed after escaping from Solon animal shelter
  143. Alligator Spotted in Caldwell Idaho
  144. Atlanta teenager recovering from rattlesnake bite
  145. Golfer critical after rattlesnake bite
  146. Rattlesnake bite lands immigrant in hospital
  147. 5-foot-long S. American cayman caught on playground in Homestead
  148. Baby rattlesnake bites 11-year-old boy
  149. Pet shop worker bitten by snake
  150. World's Largest Reptile Found in India
  151. Dr. Sean Bush from Venom E.R. treats own son for rattlesnake bite
  152. 200 Sea turtles released from hatchling program
  153. turtle with a figure
  154. FL Water managers want to ban python imports
  155. Coral Snake Suspected In Man's Death
  156. San Antonio - Man ordered to give up pet python
  157. Snake takes up space in hospital car park
  158. Couple Surprised by 7-foot Snake
  159. Herpetologists give snake advice
  160. Man defending neighbor kills alligator in Loxahatchee
  161. Endangered box turtles die in crates
  162. Developer gets OK to destroy hundreds of tortoises
  163. Landlubber Chameleons Navigated the Oceans to Spread Around the World
  164. Turtle rescue leads to pile-up on I-93
  165. The world's oldest tortoise, Harriet, dies at 176
  166. State Forest Picked For Reintroduction Of Rare Snake
  167. New snake species found with color shifting abilities
  168. Little Boy Keeps 19-Foot Python As Pet
  169. Oops: Turns out turtles still illegal to sell
  170. Horned lizard still not 'endangered'
  171. Muffy the largest Burmese python on display in America
  172. Former Police Chief Dies After Snakebite
  173. Boy Kills Giant Turtle
  174. Man sends eight-legged surprise to colleague
  175. Python `god` swallows priestess
  176. SPCA raid in Buffalo, NY
  177. Boa Constrictor Living Under House Worries Neighbors
  178. Plymouth gardener encounters 9-foot python under a rhododendron
  179. Environmentalists push terrapin harvest ban
  180. Biologist works to protect Missouri rattlesnakes
  181. Woman Finds More Than 20 Snakes Inside Car
  182. Pa. moves to restrict snake hunts; fundraisers fear losses
  183. Volunteers take humane rattler removal seriously
  184. 170 sea turtles released in South Florida
  185. Another Idiot - Seemed funny at the time?
  186. Python gets surgery after gulping queen-size electric blanket
  187. Real Men of Genius – Mr. Big Pet Snake Owner
  188. Ernie "Turtleman" Brown
  189. Fear of Snakes May Have Driven Pre-Human Evolution
  190. Townsend MA - Big-Toothed Visitor Hits The Road
  191. Cleveland - APL Rescues 4-Foot Alligator
  192. Antivenom Index Speeds Antidote Delivery
  193. FOLLY BEACH, S.C. - Sea turtle hatchlings die after beachfront lights left on
  194. Nashville Zoo to open new habitat, Alligator Cove
  195. A Wisconsin gator has `GOD' on its side.
  196. Endangered Turtles Released In Oregon's Columbia River Gorge
  197. Man Dies from Coral Snake Bite
  198. Rattlesnake bites Wal-Mart customer
  199. NY - Authorities capture alligator in Bay Shore
  200. Power outage helps snake escape
  201. Asheville NC - Alligator Caught in French Broad
  202. Fisherman catch alligator in Attleboro, Mass
  203. Snakes in a Subdivision - A visit with Jules Sylvester, Hollywood snake wrangler
  204. Battle over a garter snake in Wisconsin
  205. Lexington KY woman finds baby gator on front porch
  206. Explaining snakes' infrared "vision"
  207. Alabama State wildlife agent targets black market for turtles on Internet
  208. Michigan man captures python on the loose
  209. Chimp killed by bite from rattlesnake in Los Angeles Zoo
  210. A real-life animal house in Battle Creek
  211. Submerging saves rare bottom-breathing turtles
  212. An article about a rattlesnake roundup participant
  213. N.J. Man Fined For Selling Snakes On The Side
  214. Dozens of the snakes gather again in Yellville man's yard nightly
  215. Drought in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp
  216. Chaplain Tries to Move Rattler and Lives to Tell
  217. Snake - and a big one - found near campground
  218. New rules help protect Diamondback Terrapin in MD
  219. Tortoise droppings lead to airport surprise
  220. New Web-Based Antivenom Index
  221. Alligator captured in Scottsdale AZ Golf Course Pond
  222. Boa Constrictor reported missing in Macomb County MI
  223. Florida - Fire caused by lamps for pet snakes
  224. St. Louis - Owner reclaims escaped Crocodile Monitor
  225. Former Sweetwater mayor writes book about rattlesnakes
  226. PENSACOLA, FL - Man Charged With Animal Cruelty in Reptile Case
  227. Tim Cole Interviewed about Snakes on a Plane
  228. Live Rattlesnakes Released In 'Snakes On A Plane' Theater
  229. Snake Harvest Threatens Cambodian Lake
  230. Fight is on to save snakes in a house.
  231. Neighbors protest the Sutherland's planned python-breeding farm
  232. Poachers squeeze the fun out of snake collecting
  233. Pet Python Bites Garden City Woman
  234. More on Python vs. Alligator
  235. Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead???
  236. A tribute To Steve Irwin
  237. Woman "attacked" by burmese
  238. Mail carrier's hand bitten multiple times by snakes at mailbox
  239. 'Croc Hunter's' last moments caught on tape
  240. Python Eats Owner
  241. Python swallows pregnant ewe
  242. Reptile trainer remembers Irwin
  243. Rattlesnake Bites Woman In Lowe's Store
  244. "Dangerous" Snakes Confiscated from NY Pet Shop.
  245. Terry Vandeventer interviewed on Irwin's death and working with wild animals
  246. Snake in a vanity Sneaky snake forces tenants out of condo
  247. Unstable Man Menaces Neighbors On Gates Avenue With Boa Constrictor
  248. Girl gets vivid lesson in rattlesnake dangers
  249. Teen Admits To Setting Turtle On Fire -- Twice
  250. Terrible story...Help needed