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03-08-2003, 02:16 AM
Well here we have something a little different. Due to moving I was cleaning out the closet and found two rubbermaids full of un-opened McDonalds happy meal toys. I'll list the complete sets that i have. If you are looking for singles I have a whole list but I won't post them all here. I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what these are worth if anything at all. But hey I figured someone else may want all these great little toys for something! All of these toys have NEVER been opened. Here is the list of full sets that i have:
Mc Space set 4 pcs.
Furby Set 8pcs.
Lion King 8pcs.
101 Dalmations mobiles 8 pcs.
Little Mermaid 8pcs.
Peter Pan 7pcs.
Animal Pals 6pcs.
Hercules (2 figures per pack) 8pcs.
Hercules (action figures) 8 pcs
Beetle Borgs 6 pcs.
Sleeping Beauty 7pcs.
All of the above are $5.00 plus shipping

Also for sale are the first and second set of beanie babies happy meal toys. Each set is $10 plus shipping

Also I have 6 Hercules plastic plates all in mint condition, which is the full set. $10 plus shipping on those.

Also I have 2 sets of the 4 Disney 25th aniv. glasses. $10 per set plus shipping.

Also for sale are 3, 101 dalmation snow globes. $3 each on these plus shipping.

Also I have the gold special edition Little Mermaid set, that came in a toy chest box. This box has never been opened and there is a COA with #02280 with the box. The set was only made available to McDonalds employees. I am thinking $20 sounds fair on that one plus shipping.

Plus there are MANY other singles that are for sale too, please e-mail me if you are looking for something or want the whole list. kenwaresjr@chartermi.net

Also I have about 1,00 magic the gathering cards that are just taking up space, so I am willing to get rid of these as well. Most of the cards are blue and black. As I am sure I'll find the red and green when I get to cleaning again.

Please e-mail with any questions...