View Full Version : Proven Green Male 100% Het Albino

10-08-2009, 11:47 PM
This guy is a stud and will breed for you. I prefer a local sale in So. Cal., but if you are willing to pay for shipping I'll ship him.

He is about 11-12 feet. He is super tame and very healthy. He is very close to breeding mode as we speak. Get him while it is not too late.

I am selling him because I need room for a project that I'm bringing in and I need the space that he's in!

I am asking $450 which I think is a smoking deal at this time of year.

I will provide a written guarantee of his genetics too.

I have attached 3 pictures. The first one is of him, the second one is him breeding and the 3rd are some of his babies form this year.

Please call me with any questions.