View Full Version : wood tank heater help

10-27-2009, 09:23 AM
Hello, everyone! I just bought a reptile cage that is all wood with sliding front glass doors. All my other tanks are all glass and I use the UTH heaters and love and prefer them over anything else. But they all say for glass tanks only. Is there some other type of heater pad or tape that is electrically safe (ul)0 certified) that I could put on the inside on one side and then lay a Zoo med tank liner over it and use safely for the snake and that will not catch fire or what ever. I have a light in the tank but I only keep the lights on for about 10 hours. I also don't want to use heat rocks, heat lamps or thing like them. I know you guys have great ideas and what has and dose work for you all with wood or plastic tanks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

11-04-2009, 02:33 PM
You might want to check out a radiant heat panel. Safest way to go for wood cages, and the best way to keep cosistant ambient temps.Also, you animals can't get burned if they touch them. I like these kind because you don't have to buy optional trim pieces to keep smaller snakes from climbing the edges. They go by the siz eof your cage,so the smaller your cage is, the smaller ( cheaper) panel you will need.