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Rob Hill/Geckos Anonymous
03-24-2003, 02:26 PM
My old football card collection. These are mainly from the '91-'93 seasons. I know I could get more or sell them individually on e-bay if I catalogued them all, but I honestly don't have time for all that with this many cards. There are various different brands of cards, some of which I don't think are made anymore. I will also send card holders, card pages, and nice binders to hold them(I think they are Topps brand card binders). I will also throw in a fairly up to date Beckett Book(bought it back a couple months ago) if you want to look up the individual values of cards.

The entire collection of cards, card holders, pages, binders, and Beckett Book will go for $100 plus shipping. I looked up many of the cards in the Beckett, and with the number of cards plus a few that are worth a bit more that are in there, $100 should be a good deal.


Not accepting trades at this time. Payments through Paypal preferred, but I will also take checks and money orders(please allow 7-10 days for checks to clear before I will ship).