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01-09-2010, 10:38 AM
Can anyone give me some secrets to getting the hoggies to switch to F/T. I have just swithced from live to F/T and have been able to get most of my species switched with no prob, but I have 3 hoggies, 1 albino blood, and 1 albino ball that I cannot get to eat them. I figured the hognoses would put up a fight, but I was suprised to see my blood turn her nose...........Thanks alot, any help would be greatly appreciated

02-23-2010, 09:51 PM
I hope I'm not too late, I know this post is a little old.

Hogs go to f/t pretty easy most of the time, I've had them take it right from the egg plenty of times but you do get problem feeders sometimes.
Sometimes technic is all you need. I've found some of my hogs like to have the mouse held right in front of their noses for a bit and they'll just take it while you hold it still, I call them "funnel feeders" because somehow it feels like your putting it into a funnel.
Others just want to have the food left with them overnight and they take it. Keep in mind in the wild they also eat carryon so don't take it away just because it's been in there for a night (sounds gross) I've had a problem feeder take a smelly day and a half old mouse when I forgot about it, it hasn't missed a meal since.
You could sent with toad, frog, anole, gecko, tuna, salmon, egg, rat, or any combo of these things. I like straight toad sent or a mix of gecko, salmon, and egg.
Hope this helps