View Full Version : AP Cage Setup Question-Boa

02-05-2010, 12:45 PM
I have an unassembled 4x2 from AP Cages. Of course I don't have the glass yet.

I got 24x11 belly heat, I think its flexwatt. I have a Helix DBS 1000.

Cage has pre cut slots for the Helix probe and i can choose whatever end of the cage I want to place the belly heat on.

This cage has an 8 inch sky light cut out for like a lamp.

Where in relation to the belly heat should the sky lamp be (the lamp and belly heat will be plugged into the DBS-1000 obviously???

Should the light be above the belly heat (creating a hot end) or on the other end of the cage. "im trying to create that entire hot end cool end need for my BOA>

I will have a two hides in the cage and a water bowl the snake can get in if he wants to.

I'm just confused on where to place the heat elements and what temp is best for my setup on the Helix? I'm in South FL.



P.S> i been reading post but havent' really got my questions answered.

02-13-2010, 08:42 PM
All heating elements should be on the same side of the cage. The water bowl should be placed on the opposite end, the cool end. The probe to the helix should be placed on top of the flexwatt, inside the cage (the flexwatt should be beneath the cage, not be inside the cage...unless you have a way to make it waterproof). I have my Helix's set to 90 degree for my boa cages.

03-07-2010, 01:10 AM
If you have heat tape and a t'stat, there's no need for additional heating, unless you'd like some additional light for visibility. Flexwatt gets very hot, and, if controlled by a t'stat, can pretty much keep the cage anywhere from room temp - 150*F.

As for setting the Helix, you may have to experiment. I usually need to set my t'stats at 90* to keep an AP at 88*, but it varies from thermostat to thermostat.