View Full Version : Boat engine, dirt bike, and more

04-10-2003, 07:50 PM
have a few items for sale or trade. not interested in any animals except high end tortoises.
i have a like new 9.9hp honda 4 stroke boat engine. ya rarely see these for sale casue they're a boat motor that's actually dependable $1000o.b.o cash $1200 trade
have a 1986 honda fat cat. very rare off-road bike with atv tires. only made 2 years and gettin very hard to come across. has fresh topend, batter, paint. no cracks in plastics, very nice condition for the year. comes with a complete spare engine. $1500 cash, $1700 trade.
60 gallon air compressor. 5hp, cast pump (not aluminum with steels sleeve crap, this is a real compressor) $300
top and bottom craftsman tool boxes. in good shape, good for the home mecanic tinkerer. $200
also have some animals. have babies from absolute screamer brazilian rainbows, baby redfoots, and i might part with my 4 inch female star for the right deal.
i'm interested in anything atv. 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, fl350 odyssey, fatcat or big wheel, rokon etc. especially interested in the larger 3 wheelers (tri-z, 86-87 tecate, 250r, 350x). needing work is fine, just as long as they're not too far gone. also interested in any older magazines (dirt wheels, 3 wheeling, 3&4 wheel action) with 3 wheelers and other older toys in it.
feel free to contact me with any quarions via e-mail or call.
steve barringer