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04-15-2003, 04:26 AM
I have some lightbars off of police cars that I am willing to trade for animals listed below. You can be the life of the party with these lights hooked up in your house. Please keep in mind that it is illegal to put these on or use them on a motor vehicle without proper permits from your state.

<img src="http://wildliferescue.com/lightsnsirens/vectorfrontcr.jpg">

This is a Vector lightbar with 7 individual "pods", 5 with rotators and 2 with steady takedown lights (front), alley lights (right and left side) and rear flashers. The overall light is 4' long and 26" wide. Instructions for use will be provided. These run off of a 12 volt power source, but can be used indoors with the use of a power converter. You can see more about these lights and what they are worth here! (http://store.yahoo.com/lightbars/basicvector.html) Keep in mind, these are used lights, but are tested and working.
I have more police items available.

Here is a rather extensive list of animals I am seeking. Some of these are to pair up lone animals and some are for future displays and educational programs. I am seeking yearling - adults on all of these animals and will only consider babies if they are a killer deal. If you think you have something that would be excellent for a display but is not on my list, feel free to shoot me an offer.

Frilled dragons
Panther chameleons
Fichers chameleon
Oustalets chameleon
Blue tongue skink
Argus Monitor
Gila Monster
Albino tri-colors
Black albino corn
Snow corn
Regular corn
Blood red corn
Western Hognose
Luecistic Texas rats
Green tree python/ Emerald tree boa
Albino Western Diamondback
Venomoid W. Diamondback & Mojave
Coral Snake
Red Blood Pythons
Albino Boas
Albino Ball Pythons
Mata Mata
Goliath Bird eater

Venomous and non snake skeleton
Lizard skeleton

1.0 Dumerils boa
1.0 False Water cobra
0.1 Coastal Carpet
1.0 Taiwan beauty
0.1 Nigritus