View Full Version : Healthy Bean& Rice tacos

03-30-2010, 08:22 PM
Well back 4 years ago at 36 I had a heart attack right side was 100% blocked so I had to go through a life style change anyhow,this is a way lowfat recipie if you follow it its easy.Take a can of black beans and Slowly simmer almost a hot warmering of sorts,take some white or brown rice cook as directed on package.When rice is done drain excess water combine black beans stirring in slowly as not to crush all the beans.Then take a tortilla and warm it up(stove tope electric is what i do) as thats happening take a cup of Good Salsa and combine with hot bean and rice mixture.When shells are warm lay out flat spread lowfat or no fat sourcream on flat shell followed buy the bean& rice mix sprinkle some No fat cheese from KRAFT 3.99 a bag I might add! a lil lettuce & tomatoes and wall AH Rice&Bean Tacos Way Way lo fat folks.