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Rob Hill/Geckos Anonymous
05-06-2003, 12:09 PM
I have several original photography prints framed, matted, and ready to hang on your wall.

All photos are 5x7" and come matted in an oak frame. All photos are taken in naturalistic settings.

There are a variety of photos, all in limited quanitities, of various herp species. Here are some of the species available now:

-Green Tree Python("Out On a Limb" pictured below)
-Ball Python
-Savu Python
-Emerald Tree Boa
-Black Ratsnake
-Northern Pine Snake
-Leopard Gecko
-Fat-tail Gecko
-Henkel's Leaf-tail Gecko
-Russian Tortoise

We have several more species as well as several prints of some of the listed species on the way soon.

Price is $25/ea.
USPS Priority 2-3 Day Shipping is $5 on individual framed prints. Overnight shipping is available for an additional charge.


More examples will be available via-e-mail this evening.

PS...I also plan to attend the Dixie Reptile Show in Birmingham, AL on May 31.