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09-19-2010, 10:31 PM
I am building a one car garage with a ''workshop'' addition for reptiles next spring. The room will be entirely for the sole purpose of keeping and raising Herps.
I am looking for suggestions and ideas that I could build into my dreamhouse that I might not otherwise think of myself. As this is from the ground up I have a great deal of flexibility.

I am thinking several skylights as well as windows so they can have a natural day night cycle .

I am thinking heat in the cement floor to keep lower cages from being chilly and for the economy of heating in this manner .

I am expecting basic blocks as the building material and spray foaming the entire interior .(A local company does this ) .Not only for heat insulation ,This will help seal the place off from escapes .Keep any feeder bugs from becoming a pest outside .And it only seems right to pretty much Great stuff my ''habitat'' lol.

I also plan on pipes with multiple facets all around the interior to be able to run a misting system where needed .(Admittedly I have zero ideas on how yet ..its entirely concept so far)

Same plan for MANY electrical outlets so that extension cords and tangles are yesterdays news. How I sheild these from the misting idea is one of the things to consider.

A wash basin/sink , dishwasher ,refrigerator and freezer will also be included.

This isnt a case of money is no object ....but I am willing to spend enough to do this right the first time.

I keep a variety of Herps ...for the most part they are comfortable with 60 -80% Humidity and basic heat of 70- 80 (some need hotspots ) Those that do need more heat or humidity I provide for within their cages.

Corn snakes,pine snakes , Beaked snakes , Crested geckos gargs, williamsi ,mourning geckos ,phesuma several species , dart,mantella and reed frogs of various species

Have any thoughts ? I am betting you do!

09-19-2010, 10:46 PM
Ventilation is a BIG must have.Sealing up the building and having high humidity is a disaster in the making.

As for heat in the floor,it would be a nice addition but you wont get temps anywhere high enough for herps.

Ya can never have enough electrical outlets.I'ld put a drain in the floor,then you can just hose off w/e needs cleaning.

I'm gonna do something similar with my garage,but I might run the whole thing with solar panels.

Good luck with your project