View Full Version : Duck wraps

Chico Reptiles
09-28-2010, 09:23 PM
For some of you hunters out there!

What you need:

Duck or goose (Duck is better IMO) Cut into small pieces.
Jar of sun dried tomatoes. (Wet kind NOT dried)
Pepperoncini or jalapenos (Depending on taste, I usually do both)
Bacon ( Good thick bacon)
Chinese Hoisin sauce
tooth pics (pre soak in water)
Water squirt bottle

How to:

Cut your bacon in half to shorten length.
Lay on flat surface.
On one end of bacon add duck, SDT, Pepper.
Roll bacon around and secure w/toothpicks ( X shape works best)
Put in large bowl
Smother in hoisin sauce and stir to get all over
Drizzle honey all over

BBQ on low heat for about 15 min

The bacon grease will cause flame up so keep that at bay with the water bottle.

Enjoy! These little meat candies are addicting:thumbsup: