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07-13-2003, 11:27 AM
2 Emperor 280's work very well - $30 each
2 Ebo Jager 200w heaters - $10 each

Also available the 4 fish that live in this tank 2 Jack Dempseys, young but they killed all the other dempseys so might be a pair, I don't know. 1 rosy barb who for whatever reason is the sole surviving dither, guaranteed to pluck your arm hair out when you clean the tank. And 1 algae eater of some sort, was sold as a SAE but I suspect it might be a CAE. Take all 4 fish for $15. FISH MUST SELL BEFORE I CAN SELL THE FILTERS LISTED ABOVE.

Here's a list of the leftovers from the last time I ran this ad. Some prices have been reduced.

Generic HOB about the size of the Penguin 125 but without biowheel - $7
Black Eclipse Explorer - $13
Dolphin Q Airpump - $10
Tetra Tec Deep Water DW 18 airpump - $7
Penn Plax Deluxe 3" bubble disk $2
2 Betta Barracks (with as many of the dividers as I can find) - $5 for both
100g OSI brand Brine Shrimp eggs unopened, kept in freezer - $7