01-13-2011, 01:01 PM
I have made a very tough decision and need to sell my cornsnake collection. Anybody that knows me, or has bought from me, knows that I deal in top shelf cornsnakes. I am selling all my project snakes and my keep backs from this year, plus a few that will breed this year. I have already sold my adults and I know the people that have got them are very happy. So here is how it is going to work. I am selling these snakes in groups that are divided by hets. I will not mix the groups. I will not have pictures of them posted on here but if you email me I can send some. Remember most of these are normals or miami phase. I have sexed some, but I am not guaranteeing their sexes as I am not the best "popper" in the world. These prices do not include shipping. I will be using Ship Your Reptiles that have partnered with Fed Ex as soon as they are up and running. Here is the list and I know whoever buys them will be very happy!
Group 1: $500
(6) 2010 normals (some have a aztec pattern just like the mom did) h/cinder & lavender ph/hypo
Group 2: $800
(11) normals h/cinder & lava ph/hypo & aneryth
Plus 1 bonus snake that is either het for the combo above or lavender & bloodred
Group 3: $650
(1) 2009 adult male miami h/cinder & amel
(2) 2009 adult female amels 50% h/cinder
(1) 2009 sub-adult female candycane 50% h/cinder
(3) 2010 normals h/cinder & amel ph/hypo
The adults in this group have been cooling since December 1'st
Group 4: $850
(6) normals h/cinder & pied sided bloodred ph/hypo
Group 5: $800
(6) normals h/cinder, amel & aneryth ph/hypo & motley
(1) I believe it is a hypo cinder h/amel & aneryth ph/motley or a hypo miami h/ cinder, amel & aneryth ph/ motley that came from this clutch
Group 6: $750
(13) normals h/cinder, ultra, amel, motley ph/hypo, aneryth & stripe
Group 7: $650
(1) 2010 male hypo charcoal h/bloodred (this male could possibly be a hypo pewter)
(1) 2010 female hypo pewter (she is big and has the best diffusion I have ever seen)
(1) 2010 female hypo bloodred
(1) 2010 female aneryth sunkissed ph/motley (produced by PJC Reptiles)
(1) 2010 female motley h/sunkissed ph/aneryth (produced by PJC Reptiles
So there is the list and I hope to hear from buyers soon.
*I am only interested in high end hognoses (anacondas, hypos etc.) female albino hognoses and a adult hypo (or h/hypo) male hognose in trades.