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01-15-2011, 03:40 PM
Hey guys,

i have 3 boa master racks, 2 double stacked side by side with various 15qt and 32qts in all of them. Theres 11'' flexwatt down the backs and the top rack is controlled by a helix thermostat, and the bottom racks by a zilla temp control.
My problem is the bottom racks no matter how i adjust them never get hot enough, the top rack with the helix is perfect no matter how the room temp fluctuates, when i plug them ALL into the helix they all drop to below 80 at the tape...is my heat tape in the bottom racks old and bad? or the zilla thermostats gone bad? no matter how i switch it up i cant get them all to be the same temp like the helix does by itself. (i keep the helix set at 94 so its about 90 in the tub on the hot side and 75 on the cool side)

My second problem...
My GTP and JJCP are in melamine cages with radiant panels on top, again...with a zilla temp control, they started out nice and warm...but just like the flexwatt no matter how high i adjust them they stay at a luke warm setting WTF is goin on, i hope i dont have to replace the temp controls with helix units, or the heat panels,...running out of options and setups...please help

- thanks, Jess :shrug01:

01-15-2011, 03:54 PM
Have you tried setting each rack up individually on the Helix? Setting up the top rack - which works fine on the Helix - on the Zilla controller? What happens when you run the bottom racks straight (no controller)? I would try those things before going any further.

As to why ALL of them would drop to below 80 at the tape on the Helix when you plug in all 3....where is your probe located when you do that? If it is happening when you have the top rack functioning properly, and just plug in the other two racks, it is harder for me to explain. Since you have them stacked, and Boamasters typically have a single strip of heat tape (based on what I've seen in his ads), you shouldn't be overworking the Helix. 500w might not be much, but you're probably only running half that. Even if you've got a bad connection on one of the lower racks, I don't know why it would prevent the other two from drawing power and heating properly...unless there is some sort of failsafe built in?

Make sure the bottom racks heat up properly without a controller, then run them individually on the Helix. Let us know how you make out.