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05-01-2002, 10:43 PM
I have been following the discussion regarding CBvWC and I came up with a promotional idea for my store.  I only deal with several of the more common species of reptiles in my store, and I only sell CB (if I can get any of the greedy breeders to give me a break on prices :-) when possible, although I do carry anoles and water dragons and a few select others.

there is a swap near me, that sells CB and lots of WC stuff.  I don't sell there because I can't compete with the prices and still make enough profit to stay in business.  But I have been looking for ways to be able to set up a table and promote my store. I'd probably sell some dry goods or some of my own CB animals to try and get my table fees back, but the main idea would be simply for promotion.

Anyway, the reason for my post, and my idea.  I though about setting up and just giving away care sheets for as many of the animals sold there as possible.  Of course the sheets would be emblazoned with my store logo and maybe a coupon for some feeders.  Now,  can anyone tell me where to go for good care sheets.  I probably would spend some time to print up my own so I could make them the same format, and also give me a chance to pick out the best of each one.

I guess I'll start with the easier ones (corns, beardeds, leopard gex etc) but there are a lot of WC chams and uros (both mastyx and platus)  lots of baby turtles (don't get me started)   Most of the vendors will take the time to tell the customers how to take care of the animals right, if the person asks, but many times they do not, and unfortunately many of the vendors mostly of the WC stuff, have no idea.  They just buy whatever they think they can turn a buck on. The drawback to this is that it may make it even easier for those people to justify to themselves not knowing anything about their animals if they can just point their customers to a table with care sheets.

Anyway, any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Steve Schindler
Tropical Oasis

Steve Barry
05-02-2002, 07:56 AM
Steve try the BASKINGSPOT.COM. They have a load of care sheets on there. Some of the names are recognizable and others are not. I've checked out a few of the caresheets on snakes. The better ones cite references. Anyone can write a caresheet so double check their sources. I'm sure there's a lot of questionable info out there that's been passed down year after year, sheet after sheet and the veracity of these sheets has not been questioned.

By the way, after reading Ciro's post on the boi I think anytime a customer asks "how do you keep them" a caresheet should go out with the animal, along with a book reccomendation.

Good luck
Steve Barry

05-02-2002, 10:11 AM
no kidding about misinformation and contradictory info in caresheets.  mine now all have a big disclaimer on the top of them.
i think that is a good idea.  just make sure to get permission from whoevers care sheet you are using and give the writer credit if you are not writing it yourself.  then you can but your emblem on it.