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10-20-2003, 11:40 PM
Ok as explained a MAJOR roadblock for allowing legal overnight shipments of reptiles ( mainly snakes ) is the liablity if someone is bitten by this reptile due to possibly poorly packaged packages.

Now we all know that carriers when reviewing you for shipping want to see our procedures in how we package these animals when they are going to be shipping them.This means they want to be reassured that the package that they pick up from you the shipper is going to be responsibly packaged to assure safety to everyone that will come in contact with this package from the time it is picked up untill it arrives to its destination. Now here is where i want to propose a question to all reptile shippers that ship them out on eaither a large scale basis or may it be a few times a year.

Proposal ( and this is a kinda rough draft )

Would you as a reptile shipper ( snakes are the main objective) be willing if possible to be allowed to ship them to do the following .

Pay a yearly fee to be listed as a "approved / verified shipper"?

Be willing to be subjected to random package inspection at the carriers descretion?

Bewilling to fill out a liablity claim form in the instance that you have mispackaged your shipment and in doing so that you negligence causes bodily harm to anyone in the shipping chain?

Have random inspections of your home/ buisness to insure them the carrier that you are up to par on all needed items in which to safely ship any reptile that you would be shipping?

Have readily available a complete information list of all your reptiles that you may ship with them at any given time ( kinda like a MSDS ) this would have the type animals you ship , and what there danger scale is on a 1-10 type scale. and submit this to them on a montly basis ?

Be willing to accept fines if you are caught improperly packaging animals that you have shipped with them upon a random inspection?

as stated these are just some things i have been thinking of off the top of my head tonight. As stated to me also by Dwedeking tonight the object will be to make them feel we are on there side and want to work in EVERY way possible to make them feel like we as buisness people can be responsible for our actions and to make sure we take every step to makesure that there employees are going to be100% safe in accepting out packages.

Now i realize to some people that may only ship here and there that you may think some of these may be ludicrious ideas and that theres noway that you would do these , paying a yearly fee to ship 2-3 animals a year ! or maybe only one go through all that trouble just to sell one snake may not seem worth your time . But to do this may very well be the lively hood of others that sell you your animals . And by taking the chance of shipping them w/o proper precautions could cause ALL OF US TO LOOSE the ability to do what we love .

what may seem like a total outright travisty to small timers who only may ship once could very well cause an abrupt halt to all the other people that do this as a full time job. So thinkabout the things stated here feel free to make suggestions there always welcomed . but keep in mind ond day that $30 cornsnake could very well cost you a additonal $75.00 + a long drive to a local airport who knows how many miles away just to go get that snake or even keep you from being able to buy it at all unless you go to a herp show if theres even on near you .
thanks for reading this thread

10-21-2003, 01:30 AM
Personally, I'd have an aversion to random inspections of my home. Business wouldn't be such an issue.

In talking with the FedEx rep about shipping animals he stated they may require to send a "test" shipment (everything but the animal) to their facility to run tests on it. This seemed logical.

I think there should be some sort of penalty system. This will keep the poor (as in quality) shippers from ruining it for all of us.