View Full Version : UPS Nightmare

Bayou Beasts
12-05-2003, 07:27 PM
We recieved a shipment today from MO. to PA. there were two tegus both pure argen. one b/w one red. First of all ups told me (1-800-pick-ups) they did not ship live animals then a different person told me that they only handle lizards, and turtles. Now, we have a ups account with the regs book and they allow certin animals with the exception of snakes, mammals, and birds. The box was clearly marked LIVE HARMLESS LIZARDS on all sides including the bottom. The animals were delivered on time but when we opened the box well lets just say that it wasn't a pretty site. Both of the bags inside the box were covered in blood and the lizards were both dead thier sides were busted open and they were both bloated. We (the shipper and myself) contacted vets to find out what could cause this to happen and all of the responses were " unpressurized cargo hold) we called ups back and they confirmed the lizards were transported in the cargo hold with everything else(in the unpressurized hold). I don't know if UPS is going to do anything to rectify this situation but I will post if they do. Just wanted to let everyone know if you are shipping ups watch out for the idiot employees that obviously do everything half assed.

Thank you
Bayou Beasts