View Full Version : Hypo Honduran

02-23-2004, 02:45 PM
have been offered one of these for nothing.what are these like compaired to corns(around 6 months old)
1. have they a good temper
2.what are their feeding habits like
3.how big do they get

have the cornsake books etc but a little background on these would be nice

ps nice looking snakes

John Albrecht
03-03-2004, 09:30 PM
Honduran Milks are very popular milksnakes. A lot of cornsnake keepers have Hondurans too. They really started becoming popular when new and brighter colored specimens started coming into the US around the time we had some troops down in Hondura (1980's?)

They hatch out much larger than baby corns and will usually grow from about 50% to about twice the size of most adult corns. They are a little bit more jerky than corns and many like to musk (aka, crap within 2 minutes of picking them up). They usually eat pretty well most things you would normally offer a corn, but in slightly larger quantities. I am not personally aware of any that are in the habit of biting. I also cannot think of many things more beautiful than a honduran pipping, especially if it's one of the many morphs that have been produced to show off recessive traits like albinism.

I hope this info helps