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Croc Hunter
06-30-2002, 12:30 AM
If you read the bc forum topics you will see this topic about a black burm at reptile gardens.  This snake is Amazing to say the least.  It's not totally black though, its background color is a light black not grey but light black and it has dark black spots down its back, I asked the nearest worker about the snake but he knew nothing about it.  They also had a few other morphs of snakes which I thought was kind of weird for a zoo.  They had a Calico retic and a salmon boa.  Another neat experience I had there was that I got to hold a mangrove snake, just a little one but still I thought it was kind of weird that a zoo would let me hold a venomous snake, even though it wasn't deadly I still found it awekward, but I was talking to the venemous snake handler for a while and he knew that I understood them and had have had exerience with them.  Well I just thought I would share my experience and I would appreciate anything you could tell me on these "black" burms.