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06-11-2004, 10:44 AM
hello folks was woundering if any one could indentafy what kinda hognose snake i have i thinks its a female hognose was looking at some pictuers on a site the tail on this snake is kinda to the shorter side so i figuerd it was a female hog nose she ranges from 24 inches to 26 inches long seems healthy i just dont know what kinda hog nose she is i cought her in the lubbock texas area and is a great snake i got pictuers of her but i dont know how to post then on this site if u want a pictuer of her or what ever email me at luis@nts-online.net or add me on yahoo messenger id is lgarcia792002 i cand send pictuers this way but if some one can help me please do so so i can see what kind she is thanks alot very much

Glenn Bartley
06-11-2004, 11:15 AM
Save the picture on your desktop with a file extension of .JPG then when you want to post it here click on reply, when the reply field comes up look near the bottom of the screen that is showing, there will be an Attach file section with a button that says Browse..., click on that button then a window should pop up with a small area that asks where you want to look for the file you want to use, click on the desktop, scroll through the desktop files, then double click that file, that should make the file pathway appear in the small box next to where it said Browse and when you then submit your reply the ic should show on the the post. Let's see if I got that right, an pardon me but it is a new PC wiothout any of my herp photos loaded onto it yet...

Glenn Bartley
06-11-2004, 04:30 PM
I'll never know how that is about the only pic I already have saved on my PC. Oh well, the fish was thrown back after the goodbye kiss...

06-11-2004, 04:35 PM
hear is one pictuer of him or her hope this shows thanks alot for the help let me know somthing yall thansk alot

06-11-2004, 04:40 PM
hear some more pictuers not good pictuers but hear are some

06-11-2004, 04:45 PM
hear one more

Glenn Bartley
06-11-2004, 04:46 PM
Well if I have it right the only Hognose Snakes native to Texas are the Western Hognose and the Eastern Hognose. Southern Hognose Snakes are not native to Texas. Your's definitely loooks like a Western to me. It certainly does not look like an eastern from ones I have seen here in the northeast anyhow.

If this snake is not readily feeding on rodents, you may have a problem feeding it anything other than toads, snakes or lizards.

All the ebst,
Glenn B

06-11-2004, 06:51 PM
ya thanks for your opinion but i dont think i will be keeping this snake as a pet more then likly sell it or somthing so im gonna sell it or trade it for somthing if any ones interested in him email me or post what yall will offer on this snake thanks alot hope to hear from some one soont hanks alot email luis@nts-online.net

Glenn Bartley
06-11-2004, 10:24 PM
Up until the time you sell or trade it you may want to try to feed it, just to keep it healthy. Try a small mouse about crawler sized. Try a live one then a freshly killed one. If it takes that it maybe easier to sell.

dirt hawk
06-12-2004, 02:35 PM
is it legal to sell trade or barter native wild life in texas?

06-12-2004, 02:44 PM
that ? i do not know but i will say this ppl buy sell and trade these hogs all the time where im at look in the news papers says buys and sell hog noses so im gussing it isnt go to anny pet store hear in my town all of them be sellings hogs in there store so if it was ilegal i would say alot of ppl breaking the law but i realy dont know

06-25-2004, 06:22 AM
There is a difference between selling captive bred and born hogs vs those that have been collected from the wild. Before you sell it you should have it vet checked, just to rule out any parasites. You should also do as Glen suggested and make sure it eats readily. It could be illegal in Texas to sell native wildlife, so you might want to call one of the buyers/sellers listed in the paper and ask, or check your local laws and regulations concerning the collection of native species. You could also put it back where you found it. :)

07-04-2004, 09:09 PM
Either my computer sucks or the picture does (probably my comp. :D lol) But i would have to have a clearer picture or have to see it in person. But if you could possibly get a clearer picturer i could tell you. Not to jump to any conclusions but in the first pic the head shape makes me think its an eastern hog if a hog at all.

Dont get rid of it because i may be interesting in buying it from you, please try to get a clearer picture and check it for endoparasites or mouth rot, and i may purchase it but.......we dont know what it is lol. I have been breeding Southern Hognoses for 5 yrs. now so ill take it no doubt if it is a hognose, but try to fing out. Search for pics of hognoses on Yahoo!, besides that maybe buy a book or something, if you dont have the correct equipment to keep it and eventually let it go, then tell me, ill check it out, then ill release it in the correct area, but keep it for a week or so, and if it behaves weird definitely let it go. I hope i was of some help,


07-04-2004, 09:12 PM
As i said i did some research, and it could be a Madagascan Hognose, thery look similar, but Madagascans color are a little brighter so i am not sure again. definitley need a clearer pic though, so ill check back on tommorrow for a picture from you.

07-05-2004, 02:23 PM
A Madagascan Hog in Texas?

The pic does look a bit blurry, but that snake has a remarkable resemblence to my Western Hog, especially in the saddle (I think, would that be the brown side blotches?) area and color. I've found W. Hogs locally and I'm in New Mexico, Texas borders us to the east.

Glenn Bartley
07-05-2004, 02:52 PM
Well, I guess it could be a Madagascan Hognose Snake if someone in the neighborhood had one that escaped. Then again, my guess is that it would look something like a Madagascan Hognose which from the available pics it does not, at least to me. It seemingly does have a resemblance to a Western Hognose Snake in these pics.

07-06-2004, 05:42 PM
Yes i think you could be right but again my computer is horrible and i cant tell, i didnt get a chance to look at the last pic he had posted, so when i looked at it i knew it wasnt a madagascan, but if it is used to captivity you never know. But find out what it is and i amy take it assuming it does well in captivity. Thanks

07-06-2004, 11:50 PM
How is it used to captivity? He said he found it in the wild. I've found quite a few Westerns out here and they have mostly been calm and seemingly "pet-like". Only one was a bit agressive, but he/she struck with a closed mouth and then was very calm by the time I let it go. When I decided that I liked W. Hogs and wanted to keep one, I bought it captive bred and born from a cornsnake breeder in New York instead of taking one from the wild.

07-08-2004, 06:38 PM
You've never heard of a lost or let free snake??? Use some common sense. :(

07-08-2004, 07:59 PM

07-09-2004, 12:52 AM
Originally posted by Hognose_311
You've never heard of a lost or let free snake??? Use some common sense. :(

Just cause he found it in the wild and it's calm doesn't mean it's a lost pet. Hognose are all over the area naturally, they live in Texas too. Even though hogs are rear fanged venomous, they rarely get classified as such. Why? Probably because either the people collecting data on them don't realize they are or they rarely show agression toward humans. Why do you need this one? There are lots of CBB hogs out there that you don't need to encourage people to take them from the wild to sell them for profit.