View Full Version : Nikon D100 body for sale

02-16-2005, 04:39 PM
I have upgraded to a D2H and now have no use for 2 digital SLR bodies. The body is in excellent condition, takes great pics, and would make a great upgrade for anyone that hasn't switched to a digital slr yet.

I'm not going to list the specs of the camera. They can be found on dpreview.com. This camera body cost me $2000 2 years ago. New, they are selling for $1400. Because of the D70 coming out, i am asking $800 for the camera. i'll even include the camera bag i have for it ($70-Lowepro).

The price does not include a lens, external flash unit, or memory card.

email me at chaotic9@insightbb.com if interested.

Thanks for looking.