View Full Version : My rescued Hogs!

05-31-2005, 07:15 PM
Here are pics of my 2 rescued hogs. One the Summer of 2004 in my front yard, the other a week ago in my sisters. I have had snakes since I was a child, but never really paid attention to the color phase thing until now. I am pretty sure they are both Eastern. I think I have a High Yellow male, and a Salmon female. Can anybody help me?? I say male and female because of their reactions to each other. I put the female in the same tank, until I could get another, and they have been inseperable. I have never bothered to sex before, how do you tell??

<img src="http://www.forumpictureprocessor.com/pictureprocessor/images/Balboa%205%20.jpg"> <img src="http://www.forumpictureprocessor.com/pictureprocessor/images/Rosy%202.jpg"> <img src="http://www.forumpictureprocessor.com/pictureprocessor/images/Balboa%20&%20Rosy%20.jpg">