View Full Version : International Shipping?

06-07-2005, 05:51 PM
Ok, I've run into a huge problem and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

Last year, my GF was in the US as an exchange student (she's from the UK). While here, she bought a beardie (regular, female, nothing special). The plan was for me to ship it on to her once she returned to the UK, and I found a company that can do it (www.jet-a-pet.com). So today I get their estimate: almost $1300! And this is to ship one beardie that was only $50 or so to buy. While I expected over $300 due to the plane ticket cost and such, I didn't expect *that* much.

So, anyhow, I'm wondering if there's any other way, through any shipper (either services like UPS and the like or specialist pet-shippers), that I can get this lizard from point A in the US to point B in the UK for a more reasonable fee?

Are there any breeders who ship internationally here (or that any of you know of)? Would they be willing to ship her for us, for the cost plus a fee?

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can provide