View Full Version : Green Robosapion for Blue tongue skinks,Water dragons,Armidilo lizard,$$$,lizards

Gage Holmes:-)
03-26-2006, 12:23 AM
Hello , My name is ... well obviosly Gage Holmes . I bought a Green , limited edition Robosapian at Radio Shack last month for $90.00 . I am selling it because I realy , realy want a lizard and am short on cash , so hey Robosapiens are something people would buy and I could gain a lizard or money ! The robosapien is an awsome robotic toy that can pick up small cups,trash,etc , High five , fart , burp ,walk sideways,forward, and reverse ! open its hands ,move his arms up and down ,you can program him to do moves ,he can dance to his own programed music , do a variety of karate moves ,you can also program him to do moves when you clap or call its name out , the great thing about robosapiens is they are built to have modifications made into them by you ! There are so many things this little robot can do , but I can not list all of the things . If I find the instructions manual I will also ship them, if not you can always download them for free offline.NOTE : THIS IS NOT THE MINI ROBASAPIEN THAT ONLY WALKS NOR IS IT ROBOSAPIEN V2,ROBOPET, OR ROBORAPTOR THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION GREEN ROBOSAPIEN WITH REMOTE CONTROLL

I am looking for a blue tongue skink , baby or juvi , water dragon as long as it aint an adult or hatchling I dont care what age it is ,an armidilo (sp?) lizard ,cash , or tell me what lizards you would trade me .

lOVE YE :)