View Full Version : Male Eclectus Parrot for Boas/Pythons/Others?

07-05-2006, 12:27 AM

I have an adult male eclectus parrot, he was previously a breeder but is very tame and an all-around great bird. Eating a pelleted diet (and just about anything else, he loves to eat!) and not a picker (he's got perfect feathers). He's usually very quiet, speaks a little and is a great whistler. Comes with large wrought iron cage (off-white color) and toys/accessories. He was meant to be a breeder bird but I was forced to split the pair and I don't have use for an extra male or the time to keep him as a pet.

Will consider trades for some ball python morphs, boa morphs or tri-color hognoses. Drop me a line if you're interested - happy to send photos and more information!

Located in southern MN - would be happy to meet within a reasonable distance (tri-state area or so) though I don't have a way to haul the cage.
Thanks so much for reading!