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  1. everyone please read this!!!!!!!!!
  2. Time is running out. There is only one day left.
  3. Lee Watson Swap Bust
  4. Just how liable are we as sellers?
  5. Info on Illinois snake permit
  6. CA Press:FAA rule pits breeders against rights activists
  7. Be careful what you post...you may be liable
  8. Copy right violation, law suit, blah blah
  9. best place to find out herp laws
  10. In regards to legislation please read
  11. Imports from Burma banned!?
  12. Monkeypox fallout???
  13. Vote No To Ban Exotic Reptile Keeping
  14. ? on "acceptable documentation for PA"
  15. National Association of Herpetoculturists???
  16. We need volunteers, concerning our rights as herpers(EVERYONE PLEASE READ)
  17. What do you all need me to do?
  18. Lobby the Petstores
  19. Hsus And Aspca
  20. Scary article in the New York Times today
  21. A new problem shipping/receiving and everything else
  22. A quote to remember...
  23. Do You Want To Keep Your Rights To Own Reptiles? Read This!!!
  24. U.S. Congress Links
  25. CITES Link
  26. Misc. Links
  27. A big round of applause to Mark Adams (Adamanteus)!!
  28. Jeez, the ingnorance of people...
  29. PLEASE everybody take a second to read this post
  30. No man's land
  31. Interesting and Sorta Disturbing Newspaper Article
  32. How About This Quote!!
  33. New Ky Herp Laws
  34. More good news from Ohio -NOT
  35. Importing Question
  36. Please Help Asap 08/22/03
  37. HELP! I need to know some herp laws
  38. Importing
  39. ALERT proposed Boiga ban-
  40. Hamburg, PA show Health certificates
  41. Shipping to Canada
  42. how to ship snakes without problems ?
  43. This affects us all.......
  44. Service
  45. Your help is urgently needed!!!!!!!!!!
  46. interesting outlook on shipping snakes
  47. Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland laws with venomous species ??
  48. Announcement - FIGHT BACK - Banning Exotic Pets
  49. selling terrapins in New Jersey - Illegal?
  50. Accused of Poisoning Neighbors
  51. City question
  52. To export box turtles
  53. To Export Box Turtle?
  54. laws banning reptiles, your state could be next!
  55. Laws banning reptiles!, your state could be next!
  56. Lacy Act
  57. Import/export of Unicolor Cribos
  58. snake laws in california
  59. So when a ban goes into effect
  60. USDA licensed
  61. Legalities of Fish & Game Regulations
  62. MD is next!
  63. A DARN ugly MESS
  64. Washington Ban
  65. Are care sheet protected by copyright laws???
  66. Hulk Hogan is a Herper and is Suing his City in Florida!!!!
  67. West Virginia Reptile Laws
  68. Important Insect Regulation! Read!!!!
  69. Expect a restructuring here.
  70. DNR Wraps Up Largest Case of Illegal Traffic in Reptiles
  71. Moving to Spain
  72. New WV Bills That Need Stopped
  73. Operation Snapper ! Does anyone know
  74. Pennsylvania Law/Reg Change Alert - Please Read.
  76. Kentucky ban
  77. Kansas state ban update ?
  78. Casper WY
  79. Importing/Exporting Appendix II Listed Animals...
  80. Alaska Alert for 2006 session
  81. OHIO- Important Exotic Animal Owners’ Meeting
  82. Need confirmation on new Connecticut herp law
  83. Florida bill to require permits for large reptiles!
  84. Know The Laws?
  85. There is a bill in the California Assembly called AB 2862
  86. OR state laws
  87. Immigration
  88. National Right-to-carry Reciprocity Bill
  89. Louisiana Residents- ACT NOW or you will loose your snakes!!
  90. How many of you have bought or rent
  91. Fine tune your self with ammo
  92. Your Help is Desperately NEEDED- PLEASE
  93. Please Help Need To Find Laws In Maryland For.....
  94. Couldnayone help me find laws in maryland about reptiles...
  95. Action Needed for NC Residents
  96. just wanted to show you pitbull lovers this
  97. DFW Meeting to be held in response to House Bill 1309 regulating reptiles in Texas.
  98. CA list of prohibited herps?
  99. Registering Business Name?
  100. 4" Turtle Ban Lifted!
  101. CA Wildlife Lawyer wanted
  102. petakillsanimals.com
  103. Reptile Laws in Tennessee
  104. Federal Register: Update to Lacey Act regarding Pythons, Boas, and Eunectes
  105. Best state for Herp Laws
  106. Politics & animals
  107. H.R. 6311 - Bill to ban all non-native animals
  108. License for Nile Monitors?
  109. State laws
  110. WARNING- HR6311 Reintroduced as HR669- BAN ON BOAS & PYTHONS!!
  111. WARNING - HR 669 - Nonnative Wildlife Act
  112. New Warning USARK - This is NOT the same as HR669
  113. Why USARK?
  114. S373 - yet another bill
  115. we need to stop the bills 669 and 373 we need to unite to do this
  116. New Law In Effect To Ban Exotic Reptiles. Urgent read!!! dont remove!!!!!
  117. send your letters today easy to do click here
  118. Multiply your influence on HR669
  119. Go through all your e-mails and spread the word
  120. Here is who you need to mail those letters too
  121. This is exactly what I am talking about!
  122. Hand delievered letter done Here !!!!!!! HR669
  123. CALL all members of committee for No to HR669 Monday
  124. Full court Press against HR669!
  125. Lastest Update on HR669 PLEASE READ AD CALL IN THE AM
  127. First round in HR669 vs. Freedom / Advantage Freedom
  128. USARK on Facebook
  129. S373 Python Ban
  130. CALIFORNIA- Help USARK Fight Python Ban!
  131. HR2811 (House version of S373) Python Ban
  132. start calling people
  133. If you live in DE- you may want to check this out
  134. bangor pa trying to ban exotics
  135. Averted Floor Vote on HR2811- Python Ban
  136. Happy Bill
  137. HSUS Propaganda Targets Boa Constrictor!
  138. Will you be saying bye bye to your boids?
  139. new nc reptile laws?
  140. Python Bill! make your calls immediatly!
  141. Call To All members here....
  142. Oppose Python Ban Campaign!!! Let's Get Rocking!!!!
  143. S373 Amended Today to 9 Large snakes from list
  144. Imortant Link:
  145. Next step of action for S373
  146. It passed , We need to stop it
  147. HSUS and S373 video
  148. Opinion on the Lacey Act
  149. Click here and STOP HR2811 AND S373
  151. ACTION: S373 Senate Campaign
  152. Response I recieved from Senator Bob Casey on Pa
  153. PR: Suspicious Python Release in Tampa; $18K Reward Offered
  154. Help the fight against HR2811/S373!
  155. More you can do to help.
  156. US Chamber of Commerce Opposes S373
  157. Want to fight S. 373? Here's how...
  158. CBO to Score S373
  159. Watch it and Pass it on ! How to do your part on S373
  160. Positive response from Texas Senator!
  161. I need your help! Making an S. 373 FAQ
  162. USARK YouTube video on S. 373!
  163. Hit the HSUS Where it Hurts - Their Wallets!
  164. HSUS Pushes For Animal Rightist in The White House
  165. USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign
  166. Three S373 messages in one! New stuff!
  167. USARK Pres. Andrew Wyatt Live Tonite-UrbanJunglesRadio
  168. January Shows - Kill S373
  169. Reptile Radio - tonight!
  170. WAKE UP! Kill S373- DEADLINE 1/12/10
  171. WAKE UP! Kill S373-DEADLINE 1/12/10
  172. USARK Video - Andrew Wyatt & Don Schultz
  173. Is S373 part of your future?
  174. DEADLINE Extended for Kill-S373!
  175. More bad publicity!!!
  176. US Fish & Wildlife Press Release
  177. HSUS under fire!
  179. The inside story on the proposed snake ban; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ignore Science
  180. Georgia Update
  181. HR2811/ S373 Legislative Update
  182. GA S303/ Repticon Atlanta
  183. HSUS is at it again
  184. OPPOSE GA S303 - Regulating Certain Reptiles
  185. UPDATE: Oppose GA S303
  186. Reptile Nation Prevails on GA S303
  187. Sun Sentinel-Cold Snap Kills Invaders*
  188. Proposed Rule Change Delayed
  189. UPDATE: Florida S318 Passes Committee
  190. Burmese Python Distinct Species
  191. US House Committee Meeting on Invasive Species
  192. S.373 is now called Lacey Act
  193. Senator Bill Nelson
  194. www.HumaneWatch.org
  195. Oppose CA Regs to Ban Frogs, Turtles, and Beaded Lizards
  196. USARK Succeeds in California
  197. NY Times Python Blog
  198. White House Invites USARK to Comment on Python Ban
  199. State of the Reptile Nation
  200. WARNING: Proposed Rule Change/ USFWS
  201. ACTION: Stop CT Ban of Reptiles
  202. animal planet
  203. Volunteers Needed For Global Pet Expo / Orlando
  204. House Natural Resources Committee Hearing/ Big 9
  205. PR: Invasive Species Hearing
  206. UPDATE: Invasive Species Hearing
  207. From USARK: Re: USFWS Comment Period
  208. Are you afraid to buy high end snakes due to potential legislation?
  209. April Shows
  210. UPDATE: California
  211. Pensacola Florida show
  212. More April Shows
  213. My response to teh HSUS Email Campaign.
  214. Public Comment USFWS Rule Change
  215. Support Reptile Insider Fund Raising Auction
  216. Video - Kill "Rule Change"
  217. Kill-RuleChange Campaign
  218. Florida Passes Ban On large Snakes
  219. Florida Passes ban. Say good bye to your ROCs
  220. Kill Louisiana - HB1354 Reptile Ban
  221. Does no one care? PYTHON BAN
  222. Kill Rule Change Message from Andrew
  223. ALERT: USARK Challenge/USFWS Rule Change
  224. RED ALERT: Fast & Easy Comment on Rule Change
  225. Repticon Baltimore Show
  226. USARK Public Comment/ 30 Day Extension
  227. Special Interests Push For S373
  228. New Mexico Herp laws...
  229. Amphibian Rule Change--Reply
  230. A.A.N.N.A Amphibian Alliance Network of N. America
  231. OMG! Look what the opposition is doing!
  232. New Mexico looking to pass some new legislation
  233. Important! Please read & look at links!
  234. A Petition to stop the Ban!
  235. Kill Louisiana- HB1354 Reptile Ban
  236. Re-Opening of Public Comment
  237. New Cold Study Discredits USGS Constrictor Report
  238. USARK June Show Schedule
  239. New Mexico Reptile Ban
  241. Intern Wanted - Please Apply!
  242. NRBE Auction to Benefit USARK
  243. what would you honestly do and why?
  244. what would you honestly do and why?
  245. US Fish & Wildlife Service Re-opens Public Comment on Proposed Rule Change
  246. CNN to Promote Radical Animal Rights Agenda
  247. New Kill-Rule Change Campaign: Public Comment Re-Opened
  248. RED ALERT: Stop SF Pet Ban Now!
  249. Repticon FIRE Show/ Volunteers
  250. Question about bylaw in Oakville, ONT.