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  3. Shipping Problems
  4. Shipping Questions.... UPS/USPS/
  5. Shipping and Handling charges
  7. Shipping to Canada?
  8. Shipping in the freeeeezing cold. . .
  9. Shipping in winter
  10. shipping included
  11. Go Airborne
  12. Refunding shipping costs?
  13. How to ship aquatic turtles??
  15. shipping fears
  16. I need help finding a shipping company that will ship snakes for a decent price!!!!
  17. Airlines may stop transporting animals
  18. Shipping concerns...
  19. What Company Ships Herps??
  20. shipping large snakes..
  21. Where to obtain small styro boxes...details in post
  22. Some Detailed shipping instructions for small Lizards and snakes..
  23. who will ship
  24. Shipping question I hope this goes here
  25. USPS Express Delivery!!!
  26. USPS Express Mail for snakes
  27. Ship Bearded Dragon Via Usps
  28. shipping
  29. Packing of Shipments
  30. what UPS will and will not ship!
  31. Shipping Larger Dragon
  32. Shipping Live Animals
  33. Delta shipping questions
  34. Shipping Guarantees
  35. Printing Airborne Label
  36. Airborne SUCKS!!!!!!!
  37. How Am I Supposed To Ship?
  38. UPS screws up again
  40. Airborne Express ....... wonder how many
  41. Shipping 101
  42. Airborne Express mess
  43. Compensation from an airline for dead animals
  44. How much do you ship a month ???
  45. Industry standard for possible Legally shipping reptiles ( snakes)
  46. UPS shippers need advice
  47. Legal methods for shipping snakes
  48. How many would pay extra to ship snakes legally door to door?
  49. Shipping to cannada
  50. Anyone else have weekly problems with Airborne?
  51. UPS and Shpping Snakes (a chance at legitimacy)
  52. Shipping Beardies?
  53. UPS Nightmare
  54. UPS shipping disaster
  55. Looking for Transhiping Agents in LAX
  56. Anyone else experiancing billing problems with UPS?
  57. Shipping ARGH!
  58. Shipping To England!!!!!!
  59. FedEX for shipping Inquiry?
  60. shpping dragons
  61. UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, USPS - bad guys.
  62. What method do you use to ship?
  63. what can i do
  64. Steps To Become Fedex Certified!!!
  65. Who's The Best
  66. Shipping Info, can someone help
  67. How to ship live rodents throughout the U.S.
  68. shipping lizards and tarantulas
  69. Airborne now DHL?????
  70. Shipping Reptiles.. question on heat and cold packs
  71. Petition concerning shipping discrimination against snakes.
  72. how to pack?
  73. Fed EX..They ship Reptiles right??..having problems
  74. Fly Pets - new shipper possibility???
  75. Shipping from hot to cold areas
  76. Delta no longer shipping venomous!! NO APRIL FOOLS
  77. Can a 4ft. Iguana be shipped?
  78. Shipping costs and options
  79. Venting about USPS
  80. Shipping
  81. Invert shippers take notice.
  82. Does UPS or FedEx owe U $$$$$$ ?
  83. reptile contract with FedEx ?'s
  84. Delta Dash ships
  85. UPS reply to request to ship snakes
  86. "How To Do It Legal ?????"
  87. Fed Ex question
  88. Steps to become UPS Authorized (Lizards)
  89. What do I do now?
  90. Shipping Next Day Air? Let me save you money!
  91. Frustrating shipping practices...
  92. Has pricing gone up, or is it just me?
  93. DHL very BAD Guys
  94. Cage Shipping
  95. UPS-What am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP
  96. Fed-Ex Billing???
  97. Need shipping help
  98. I Can Save U $$$$!!!
  99. More Comments about UPS
  100. Anyone else having trouble setting up with FED-EX
  101. USPS Refused To Ship My Package
  102. UPS screws up AGAIN!
  103. setting up account with Fed-ex
  104. UPS Snake Account
  105. shipping tree frogs
  106. dhl incomptiance in handling
  107. Shipping Boxes
  108. Shipping Prefences....
  109. Exporting Service
  110. Shipping HELP( Im going CRAZY)
  111. u.p.s. shipping
  112. Us Air
  113. DHL? more like SOL when you ship with them.
  114. shipping mangrove snakes
  115. need help on shipping?
  116. Shipping Mistakes
  117. DHL ships reptiles
  118. US to Canada
  119. Bad news re: shipping companies
  120. How To Get Ups Certified?????
  121. Packaging Reptiles
  122. Now this is how to ship a snake....
  123. DHL Lousy Carrier
  124. Need Help!!! UPS screwed up order
  125. is there any place that will ship snakes knowingly
  126. Shipping Mistake!
  127. DHL no longer shipping herps
  128. Shipping to Canada
  129. FYI to fedex users
  130. Questions
  131. Shipping this time of year?
  132. Canada to U.S. (believe it or not)
  133. US Airways Ships :) how many ship with them?
  134. fed ex doesnt ship live
  135. Steps to Delta Certified????? HELP
  136. How do people ship so cheaply?
  137. Time for the annual rate hikes... (Fedex)
  138. Shipping with Fedex
  139. Just what I needed... ANGER
  140. Is it okay to ship this time of year?
  141. DHL screws up again!
  142. Question about shipping a gator to Maryland
  143. So I was told that the USPS can inspect
  144. A problem about " media mail " shipping
  145. US to UK?
  146. DHL pulled my account
  147. shipping prices/new options?
  148. Delta Dash EXPERIENCE need to VENT!
  149. Possible? UPS/FedEx users, question
  150. Another Thorn for the Herp Community - Illegal Venomous Reptile Shipping
  151. Is it worth getting FedEx Certified?
  152. Pros and Cons of Fedex?
  153. FedEx Prices?
  154. I started the Process! Fedex 05!
  155. FEDEX or UPS
  156. Shipping veiled chameleon to Hawaii?
  157. DHL--- Going To Court
  158. Cheaper Shipping with Fedex
  159. Shipping Snakes via UPS
  160. Question for Delta Dash "Known shippers"
  161. I am now a Delta Dash Known shipper. What a breeze!
  162. Whats The Truth About Shipping!?!?
  163. DHL lost two shipments of snakes in one week!! One took a week to receive!!
  164. New IATA Reg. for shipping Non-vens throught Delta!
  165. Need advice on Dead Animal through Delta Dash.
  166. O.K. to ship???????
  167. shipping from the U.S. to Canada?
  168. DHL likes to screw with people
  169. Importing to the US
  170. advise please
  171. My rep won't call me back!!!
  172. AACargo? Anyone ever shipped with them?
  173. UPS slowing down?
  174. Awesome Shipping Company!
  175. Boycott Ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. best way to ship?
  177. Tips for Fed Ex Package Testing!
  178. Lazy UPS delivery...
  179. Does Delta knowingly ship snakes and will
  180. Grrrr Gas Prices!!!!
  181. Almost FedEx Certified
  182. CITES/Russian Tortoises
  183. Shipping snakes
  184. Apo/fpo
  185. Cage shipping
  186. ? about shipping leos
  187. Shipped @ 71-76 deg. Received @ 85-91 deg. Good temps to send a snake?
  188. Problem getting FedEx certified
  189. Possible UPS Pilot Strike
  190. best leo gecko shipping prices?
  191. FedEx Certification Contact
  192. FYI - FedEx policy change concerning signatures
  193. Urgent Shipping Emergency....Need Help
  194. International Shipping?
  195. Fed-Ex screwed me on billing!!!!!!!
  196. UPS live shipping
  197. FedEx Waiver agreement contract question
  198. Shipping Gators
  199. Update on FedEx - Kinkos
  200. bad way to package corns?
  201. Shipping UPS
  202. Help with gecko shipping?
  203. Which company?
  204. Packing of snakes
  205. Any companies allow you to ship w/out an account?
  206. UPS Completes Acquisition of Overnite
  207. Signature releases
  208. UPS and DOA Policy
  209. Impossible to find someone who will ship
  210. missed shippment
  211. RANT: "Please excuse the crappy packaging job..."
  212. Shipping Pics...Do they look safe?
  213. UPS To Raise Cap on Air Fuel Surcharge
  214. Where is the thread?...
  215. Delta Dash - Making things difficult
  216. What is NEXT DAY AIR SAVER?
  217. Shipping prices post-Katrina?
  218. Best shipping practice - Boa?
  219. Opinions please
  220. Thinking about shipping
  221. How much more is shipping one vs....
  222. Are native animals prohibited to ship/sell in MICH.?
  223. ? on shipping ball pythons to Brooklyn, NY
  224. Shipping a rescue boa
  225. What size deli cups and boxes?
  226. Anyone lives near or knows any one from seattle, Washington candian border area ?
  227. What carrier to use for shipping a small boa?
  228. Does everyone ship to europe??
  229. Does anyone ship to europe??
  230. How so you verify that someone is UPS Certified?
  231. [guide] How Do I Ship Live Reptiles?
  232. FedEx....not a good morning.
  233. UPS Delay and Shipping Cost Refunds
  234. Hot origination to Cold destination
  235. how do I ship Newts?
  236. My First DHL Experience (bad)
  237. UPS to raise rates once again
  238. Question About Heat Packs
  239. Shipping costs to raise shortly
  240. The Lacey Act and inconsistency of shipping policy within carriers
  241. Progress with shippers
  242. Shipping Hell :(
  243. Fed Ex and Kinkos - Anyone ever have this happen?
  244. Shipping reptiles internationally..
  245. INFO: UPS-will they honor their agreement?
  246. FedEx holiday schedule!
  247. U-Line and UPS
  248. Advice Please
  249. Shipping Supplies
  250. When you ship DASH, are the cargo holds heated?