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  1. Tons of turtles saved from the cooking pot
  2. Dead python carried away
  3. Springfield man finds alligator near home
  4. King snake finds shelter in apartment stove
  5. Water Moccasin Bites Florida Owner of Zoological Imports
  6. Girl fights python to save kitten
  7. Poultry Eggs May Yield Snake Antivenin
  8. Snake confiscated after flight in pocket.
  9. Hawaii on snake watch after Guam typhoon
  10. Man recovering after snakebite at Florida Wal-Mart
  11. Everyone's favorite group: PETA
  12. Officers find giant dead snake
  13. Common Painkiller Could Keep Brown Tree Snake Away
  14. School board memos, lies, and a missing gator
  15. PETA again
  16. N.C. Reining in turtle trade
  17. 4-foot alligator found walking in Queens park
  18. Wildlife Department Drags Gator Down Street With Truck And Then Shoots It
  19. Alligator found in apartment...in NEVADA!
  20. Forecast: Hot, dry, biting
  21. We need more positive articles....
  22. Wrestling reptile bites man's face at Gatorland
  23. A TX gator that wasn't dragged and shot
  24. Assault with a turtle???
  25. NC House Approves Bill To Ban Turtle Harvest
  26. Silver Dollar Sized Turtles - And other pet shop "oopsies"
  27. Louisiana Bill to regulate reptiles
  28. Here they come! Hold on to your Herps!
  29. "Hats Off" to the Hoosier Herpetological Society
  30. hawaiians train to prevent an Invasion of the brown tree snake
  31. Outbreak puts spotlight on exotic pets
  32. Reptile program dazzles children on a grand scale
  33. High Desert poaching is big business
  34. Propaganda du jour: Why keeping exotic pets is risky venture...
  35. SARS Epidemic May Reemerge, CDC Director Warns
  36. When state conservation officers first showed up at the reptile refuge not long ago
  37. Collection of articles and quotes regarding the recent raids
  38. Snakes 'n' sales 'n' criminal tales
  39. Study: Some snakes not very aggressive
  40. Alligators & New York City Sewers - the legend starter...
  41. PETA again
  42. Very, very bad news...
  43. 16-foot cobra
  44. SDSU, Collaborators Get $2.4 Million Grant to Study Evolutionary History of Snakes, L
  45. Indians with 960 tortoises in carry-on bags taken off flight to Singapore
  46. Python escapes in UPS truck
  47. 100-pound python goes missing in Chesapeake
  48. Interesting Article Regarding Florida & Alligators
  49. Cobras smuggled in pants
  50. Tiger, Alligator Found in N.Y. Apartment
  51. 2 headed black rat snake found in Kentucky
  52. Alligator gets loose in airliner baggage compartment
  53. More on the proposed Chicago reptile ban
  54. Golfer bitten in head by rattlesnake
  55. Reptile and Amphibian Postage Stamps Unveiled
  56. Crocodillians seized in Mass.
  57. Gator chews through shipping box; startles postal workers
  58. 10-foot python swallows woman up to waist
  59. Deadly Snakes For Sale - TV News
  60. Court Cases Boost Aquarium Reptile Collection
  61. SARS Hampers Hong Kong Snake Industry
  62. Lamp starts blaze at reptile reserve
  63. Tale of tortoise and O'Hare ends happily
  64. No mate for Lonesome George
  65. NERD in the News
  66. $20K per month turtle collection
  67. Indiana DNR Seizes Snakes
  68. Uncle Bill's Pet Center faces suit after python bit a boy
  69. News Release on Dr. Fry's New Venom Study
  70. pet store employee bit by cobra
  71. Claim of World Record Retic Debunked
  72. UT 'Operation Slither' grabs contraband reptiles in 3 raids
  73. Snake Thief Bitten in Groin
  74. Rattlesnake Roundup will have new attraction
  75. Michigan: Operation Slither Strikes at Illegal Reptile Dealers
  76. Tanzanian snakes charmed into sex
  77. Lawyer, son guilty of mailing deadly snake
  78. Study: Snakes Are Social, Family Loving
  79. Covington KY man forced to get rid of snakes
  80. Canine rattlesnake vaccine available in CA
  81. Breeder first in Alaska to hatch Green Tree Pythons
  82. La Crosse WI - County board puts exotic animal ban on hold
  83. Neglected Snakes Seized in St. Louis
  84. New Jersey folks should read this one!
  85. Python puts a squeeze on her owner - Boston
  86. Croc attack in Oz
  87. Timmy the tortoise dies aged 160
  88. Rattlesnake bite at Lowe's
  89. MILWAUKEE: Second man sentenced in reptile smuggling case
  90. Escaped hots in TX
  91. Roger Conant memorial symposium - May 6th at U.N.M
  92. Has Anyone Heard Any News
  93. Slinger, WI - Proposed Exotics ban
  94. PA man bitten by cobra
  95. Komodo dragon joins exhibits at MI zoo
  96. Another Black Eye Story
  97. Montana F&W Seeks Members For Exotic Species Import Committee
  98. Snake Handler Bitten During Demonstration
  99. Bristol VA Pet Store Raid
  100. Gator seized in Old Bridge NJ
  101. Woman Accused of Biting Head off Python
  102. snakes seized in Dallas condo raid
  103. Dayton OH - Proposed pet ban
  104. Assault with a rattlesnake
  105. Cape Coral - Nile monitor hunters race to control growing problem
  106. Bismark ND - Venomous seized, shipped UPS
  107. Python captured, seized after Mandeville escape
  108. Beau Lewis - Smuggling charges refiled
  109. Turtles pay a high price for Olympics
  110. Python Bites Teenager - more sensational bad press
  111. Soldier shot by brother trying to kill rattlesnake
  112. Man Who Claimed Snake Bit Him In Wal-Mart Wanted By Police
  113. Florida man accused of using gator as weapon
  114. Woman Saved After Tug 'O War With Gator
  115. Little Girl Blasts a big snake.....
  116. Man Pleads Guilty To Illegally Selling Snakes
  117. Rattler in Knights Ferry Calif.
  118. Fla. - Tortoise habitats violated
  119. WI store resists order to stop offering baby turtles
  120. Hundreds of turtles saved after hurricane Charley
  121. Maryland moves to protect Timber Rattlesnake
  122. NERD takes in escaped Caimen
  123. Braving hurricane with reptile friends (Ray Goushaw)
  124. Woman gives birth to Frog
  125. Woman killed by viper among her exotic pets
  126. Greenwich man arrested, but crocodile remains at large
  127. Teens Vandalize Home, Attack Pets
  128. Jeff Houston retreives some of his stolen snakes
  129. Children Recovering After Snake Bites
  130. Days are numbered for exotic pets in Dayton OH
  131. Alligator Kills Woman in Florida Lake
  132. 17-foot python on loose in Bay
  133. Lexington NC approves 6-month ban on exotic pets as new law is drafted
  134. Pet lizard sets off fire that severely damages Panhandle home
  135. Help save the alligators
  136. Man arrested for stabbing gator
  137. Wrestler Allowed Pet Python to Starve to Death - Court
  138. Arrowhead Reptile Rescue having trouble from neighbors
  139. Agreement reached for threatened Northern Pine Snake and Timber Rattlesnake in New Je
  140. Detroit - Canton Man Bitten By Snake Could Face Charges
  141. News article on NY state ban
  142. IL - Pekinites with exotic pets want City Council to shed snake ban
  143. Brooklyn man charged, selling on kingsnake.com
  144. PIT tagging natives argued in Ohio
  145. ILL state reptile
  146. Unwanted pet snakes too often turned loose
  147. ND Lawmaker wants to ban venomous
  148. Man accused of keeping crocodile sues Greenwich for $30 million
  149. Snake blamed for $12,000 in fire damage
  150. IL: State bags poisonous snake seller
  151. MS: Bay St. Lousi to Outlaw "dangerous pets"
  152. Bronx man bitten by pet rattlesnake
  153. Zoo's Antivenin Saves Snakebite Victim
  154. She's one righteous rattler wrangler
  155. Oh well....Im a Mets fan anyway.
  156. Junkie Dogs Chasing A High
  157. Snake Under the Hood!
  158. Illegally owned rattlesnake sinks fangs into its owner
  159. Interesting study. Python protein increases heart size during digestion.
  160. Reptile enthusiast gets 2 years
  161. Maryland Natural Resources Police Seize Seven Poisonous Snakes
  162. Even in the UK
  163. Reptile Raid Yields Felony Indictment
  164. Rattlesnake bites Lander man on lip, tongue
  165. Dead Reptiles in Columbus Ohio......
  166. Authorities find alligators, snakes being transported in RV trailer
  167. Teacher resigns over snakes
  168. AZ: Valley Reptile Buster Faces Charges
  169. Teen Catches Venomous Snake, Nearly Dies After Reptile Strikes
  170. exploding Toads?
  171. Boy Finds Snake in Cereal Box
  172. FL: Snake safety: Handlers respect the risks
  173. Gila Monster Derived Diabetes Shot Gets FDA Approval
  174. A reportedly 255 yr-old tortoise
  175. Online petition opposing NC bill 1032
  176. Another BAD pet shop bites it & abandons shop
  177. A Well Deserved Venomous Bite??? You Decide!
  178. Petco, PETA Call a Truce
  179. Yet ANOTHER reason....
  180. Teen Trying to Kill Snake Shoots Himself
  181. Man Bitten By Deadly Green Mamba Snake
  182. 'Snake Man' loses his cobra
  183. Assault With a Deadly Iguana
  184. Plan to make tortoise soup lands Fla. man in jail
  185. Woman Sets Fire To Home While Killing Snakes
  186. Gila Monster in News Story...with video..
  187. Snake Breeding Season Story..
  188. New rattlesnake antivenin to be tested
  189. Very bad day for OKC man
  190. Yuma Daily Sun article on keeping snakes....
  191. More "good" PR for Snakes!
  192. Mo. family finds python under dishwasher
  193. UPS driver finds a python in his truck: "It's alive!"
  194. It's no croc: Dangerous reptile found in pond
  195. Herps Euthanized in Vero Beach
  196. Kuli'ou'ou Man Spots Ball Python
  197. Crocodile blood may yield powerful new antibiotics
  198. Ignorance Defined
  199. Accused reptile smuggler faces Aussie court
  200. San Pedro men arrested in dumping of reptile at lake
  201. Zoo's tortoise gets baseball-sized bladder stone removed
  202. Legislation to help pet turtle farms planned - 4 inch law
  203. Python gives boy early wake-up call
  204. Couple's wedding is off the scales
  205. Reptile clubs going extinct
  206. Snake Handler Hospitalized After Being Bitten By Rattlesnake
  207. Mike Jolliff bitten by rattlesnake
  208. Bucks County is finally safe from Sid the Python
  209. Man sentenced to six months for stealing rare snakes
  210. Two Headed Rattlesnake Found
  211. Capture of exotic snakes worries animal experts
  212. Bubba Alligator Passed Away...
  213. Live Giant Squid Photo
  214. Regulators loosen rules on turtles
  215. Snakes put hospital in a slither
  216. Exploding Burms in the Everglades :)
  217. Another reptile roundup - DE
  218. Authorities Believe Bladen County Man Died Of Snakebite
  219. Brown treesnake found in McAlester Oklahoma
  220. Gator vs snake in the Glades
  221. Fire Marshal Dies Of Rattlesnake Bite
  222. Python Apparently Swallows Family's 15-Pound Cat
  223. 175 Year Old Galapagos Tortoise At Australia Zoo
  224. African Rock Python Captured In Miami
  225. Avila professor credited with discovery of new lizard
  226. 11-Foot-Long Python Missing From Southwest Houston Home
  227. Rescued sea turtles released
  228. Rattlesnakes in a Tree!
  229. Lax laws encourage proliferation of pythons
  230. Kids lobby for state rattlesnake
  231. Gator bagged in Piscataway
  232. Man Catches 10-Foot Python Lurking In Backyard Pond
  233. N.J. Couple Finds 6' BRB in Toilet
  234. Alligator Vs. Python: Round 2 Goes To Gator
  235. 14 foot Burmese killed after biting owner
  236. Vero Beach pet shop co-owner sentenced in animal cruelty case
  237. Interesting Animal Related Fatality Statistics
  238. Runaway ball python found in Sellersville school lot
  239. PETA workers face 25 felony counts in North Carolina
  240. Snakebite at school may cost teen's arm
  241. Six foot snake found in toilet
  242. Farmer unearths 11-foot python in his field
  243. Zoo animal killed, others stolen
  244. PA: Local snake hunt rattles up new venom toward roundups
  245. Aquarium stocks up on antivenom for sea snake exhibit
  246. Ball Python Breeding Loan Fraud
  247. More lizard families than previously believed are venomous
  248. Fla. angler catches 11-foot Burmese python
  249. Man suffers bites from pet rattlesnake
  250. Scientist invents remote-controlled turtles