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  1. anyone know where i can purchase  some meds online
  2. Pet reptiles may cause human blood infection
  3. Mite control
  4. What is crypto?
  5. Natural Sourced Anti-Parasitic Agents
  6. "Cryptosporidium cysts" transmission in Water & rodent supplies...
  7. Life Cycle of the Snake Mite...
  8. Grapefruit seed Extract (G.S.E.) A wonder Tonic?
  9. Fecal tests?
  10. tests
  11. Help How and Why ?????
  12. attention: Tantith questions and comments
  13. Possible complications of an enlarged gall bladder?
  14. WC Boa constrictor and hookworms question
  15. Unknown Parasite found in WC Waglers Viper "Dialup Warning"
  16. Scratched up snake, I'm looking for advice.
  17. Questions for those that do there own fecal exams
  18. snake/reptile anatomy web sites????
  19. VERY ILL Fire Bellied Toad.I Woould Really like Expert Advice!
  20. Removing sutures yourself?
  21. Poor Boa, Advice Needed...
  22. reverciving soft shell in box turtles
  23. Opinions on treating parasites?
  24. tounge infection?
  25. Totaly off topic
  26. couple questions on fecal floatation
  27. Dosing Panacur...
  28. Licensed Reptile Veterinarians....
  29. de-clawing my cats?
  30. Best Way To Disinfect?
  31. Mt. Horned Dragon
  32. Bet you've never heard this question before...
  33. Cryptospridium
  34. oodinium or spring disease
  35. Cryptosporidia
  36. Rubbing problem with monitor
  37. Snakes regugitating...again..is it Cryptosporidium?
  38. Controlling Mites ? No More Black Knight What Is Everyone Using..?
  39. Treating with Amoxycillin?
  40. Need Help
  41. Deworming CB snakes??
  42. Need Advice on Treating RI in Black Milk Snake
  43. fecals ? (how fresh)
  44. Ball Python problems
  45. Why has my Beardie stopped shedding.
  46. Seizures, Convulsions And Tremors In Reptiles
  47. Good Vets In Ohio?
  48. Coccidia!?
  49. how can i find a reptile vet in my area
  50. vet school
  51. Can you fix baby lizards impaction problems?
  52. Garlic
  53. Source of Medications?
  54. Are Paint Fumes Dangerous?
  55. provent-a-mite and young colubrids?
  56. Cryptosporidium
  57. viper problems
  58. What is This? (pic attached)
  59. Mouth rot in a large Boa
  60. Need Help Immediately...please Help...someone
  61. Birth Defect?
  62. Question about Coccidia treatment
  63. Stomatitis(Mouth Rot)
  64. Information on Angina
  65. ETB baby with broken jaw?
  66. Tokay Mouth Rot?
  67. Clavimox dosages for Bearded Dragons
  68. Laxatives for snakes (blood pythons)?
  69. Predatory Mites
  70. Exotics Vet in Northern Iowa Southern Minnesota??
  71. Fecal smears unreliable for detecting crypto.
  72. Stress-free worming
  73. what is the Physiology of Shedding
  74. Uroplatus lineatus- abcess?
  75. White's Tree Frog Tumor
  76. how to tell if berded dragons jaws broken
  77. URGENT-need some common sense advice on banana king
  78. Need advice on constipated Boa
  79. Abnormal poo (gross pic inside)
  80. Vendors for force feeding/dosing equipment needed
  81. researching IBD
  82. anyone....
  83. Vets in WNY
  84. Need a good Vet in Pittsburgh, PA.
  85. Boa Does Not Feel Right
  86. Leopard gecko broken tail please offer some advice
  87. Things Every Serious Herper Should....
  88. Reptile Health Chat Tonight!!!!
  89. Reptile Trivia (health Related Topics)
  90. 5 of 8 Snakes have stopped eating
  91. I need some help
  92. Seeking advice on bumps appearing on my gecko's jaw
  93. Giving Snakes Injections--Hoo Boy!
  94. Reptile Resurrection??
  95. Question for vets: standard practice in chemotherapy
  96. how to cure nose rub?
  97. Skin issues on ball python
  98. Retained Ova?
  99. Very Sick Cham
  100. Leo with MBD - will not eat
  101. Please help diagnose my Ball Python.
  102. My Corn Snake Jakers inactivity?
  103. Help with Ball Python diagnosis, Please!!
  104. Impaction in Anoles?
  105. Second shed in two months - need to worry?
  106. Tylosin (TYLAN) used for reptiles??
  107. Gecko isn't eating - please help
  108. Egg retention
  109. sick iguana
  110. best ways to acclimate WC?
  111. stone swallowed
  112. Stargazing?
  113. Serious injuries...
  114. looks funny, but should i worry?
  115. uromastryx problem
  116. Frilled Dragon "neck pouch" please help
  117. ball python help, inverted organs?
  118. Help Please
  119. Parasite Treatment?
  120. Diagnosis PLEASE
  121. Mites.... What do they look like?
  122. Gopher snake with broken back
  123. seven
  124. Ball python broken back or ribs.
  125. Mites- solid wood top
  126. snake hookworm
  127. Could use some advice on Monitors
  128. Sick Beardies pls help
  129. Herp vets in florida
  130. Sick Bearded Dragon
  131. I am SO MAD!!!
  132. Help with sick Ball python- skin thing
  133. NPR with growth under eye
  134. What Is This?? Question about my corn
  135. info. on respitory infections
  136. Chuckawalla health issue
  137. WLP respiratory issues part two
  138. Sick veild puffy eyes
  139. Help me to save a boa .... need advice
  140. Please help identify this parasite
  141. Emergency help needed - leopard gecko
  142. Any info on these vet clinics?
  143. Oregon and Washington Vetrinarian List
  144. Retained eyecap?
  146. Lice in my Ball Python's Habitat?
  147. Medication question. What is it?
  148. Possible Leopard Gecko problem! NEED HELP!
  149. Missing Scale
  150. Need help with Dumerils Boa!
  151. Help.. My Iguana broke its arm!!!
  152. How I got the blockage out
  153. What's in your medicine cabinet?
  154. Is cryptosporidium common in reptiles?
  155. Japanese Fire Belly Newt Near Death Please Help
  156. Herbal De-wormer?
  157. Blood in tank, unknown source
  158. Crazy BP acting weird... advice?
  159. Baytril Question
  160. Just to share some issues
  161. Water Dragon - Past Calcium Definciency or Current Problem?
  162. facial abcesses on leopard gecko
  163. Flagyl and Flagellated Protozoa
  164. Help... multiple parasites
  165. Scanned Reptile Formulary available
  166. Brand name vs. generic name
  167. HELP URGENT. Lizard eye injury
  168. My Savannah Monitor Shedding woes....
  169. Question on Veterinary Expenses
  170. Mites in my invert zoo tanks...ahhhh!
  171. Dont know what to do about new gecko losing his tail
  172. Feeding raw eggs??
  173. Fleas on feeders
  174. Red dry skin on underbelly
  175. VetRx
  176. Emerald Tree Boa white stuff in mouth
  177. Info on Ivomec for mites on snakes
  178. Gecko has a bump
  179. Psuedomonas, etc.
  180. Emerald has a bruise? Tattoo?
  181. hypoaspis mites.
  182. Looking for feeding tubes - sources/suggestions?
  183. Glade Plug-ins??Bad for reptiles???
  184. Dysecdysis....Or, inability to shed
  185. Puffy throat?
  186. My Leopard gecko has a bump under his armpit.
  187. Bearded Dragon Hatchlings not eating HELP!
  188. Fecal Test Findings
  189. Vitamins for snakes??
  190. What is Tylan?
  191. Chameleon with dead/rotting tail
  192. entamoeba STAR TORTOISE mediciation
  193. Burmese with mouth rot
  194. Lesion on glass lizard
  195. Caiman with eye problems....Opinions please
  196. Should I be worried?
  197. where to get a reptile ultra sound in illinois
  198. Possible Blister disease ball python
  199. Red Tail Boa - Possible digestive problems? Please help
  200. Any downside to feeding Chicken hearts to boas?
  201. Western Hognose Prolapse... Help please
  202. Emeraild Tree Boa health- please help
  203. HELP, Red Eye Tree Frog, need feedback!
  204. Eastern Milk Snakes, Wound Question?
  205. Have you been able to find competent herp vet care in your area?
  206. how long should i leave stitches in for?
  207. Shed questions
  208. bearded dragon with mites
  209. Recomended Richmond Va vet
  210. Problem with eastern milk snake
  211. Soaking in Pedialyte a NO NO!
  212. pinworms in feeders
  213. Help! Baby white-throat nonresponsive...
  214. Please Help - My gecko has a splinter
  215. This is what happens...
  216. Soaking Ball Python.
  217. coccidia....drug help
  218. R.I. Treatment
  219. Mites in Terrarium
  220. hypoaspis miles or predatory mites
  221. Please help - diagnosis mouth rot?
  222. Any experiences with Repta Aid food supplements?
  223. UNDERWEIGHT bearded dragon
  224. swollen throat?
  225. Can I Develop Allergies to Reptile or Amphibian? The Answer is actually yes!
  226. Please recommend snake vitamin supplement
  227. How Can I Improve My Home Quarantine Protocol? Ask a Senior Vet Student!
  228. Pine Bark Mulch bad for snakes?
  229. are vapors from wood stain bad for reptiles? EMERGENCY!!
  230. Mangrove Monitor Health Issues
  231. Leo with bad eyes, please lend some advice?
  232. RedTail has prolapsed semi-penis due to birth defect
  233. Leopard with Mycoplasma
  234. swollen belly of cornsnake.
  235. PLEASE READ (even if you're not a beardie person)
  236. Proper Dosage of Safe Guard for my Leos
  237. Sick Ball
  238. diarhhea what can i do
  239. Ball pythons & rats with tetracycline.
  240. Troublesome IR
  241. Excessive urates and rectal swelling.
  242. Bulging eye treatment - Boa
  243. Is this the initial stages of scale rot?
  244. Where To Get Nolvasan?
  245. Does this look like unhealthy poop?
  246. Snake baby delivery fatality
  247. Ball Python Sterilization
  248. Gopher snake rubbing nose rawl
  249. Help stuck shed or beginings of scale rot?!?!?!?!?!?
  250. Bearded Dragon Eye Problem