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06-16-2003, 07:00 PM
Hi, I am in the process of down sizing and decided to move this great project. I have a Proven Adult Pair of Puebleans that have produced a bulls eye patterened baby last year and oreo babies this year. This pair is pretty much normal looking but with a bit of bulls eye pattern also. In this group I also have a reduced red pair of "02" babies that I held back, 0.0.2 normal babies from this year and the 0.0.2 oreo babies also "03" these babies are just going through their first shed now. One of the oreo's is smaller than the rest of the group. Pictures can be provided for SERIOUS INQUIRIES!!!!

I am asking to make an offer on this group, I am Also interested in trades for a nice Pastel BP female, again it includes:

1.1 Proven Adults whom are parents to the following babies that are being offered.
1.1 "02" reduced red
0.0.2 normal "03" clutchmates to the oreos
0.0.2 "03" Oreo's
contact us at

Thanks, Eddie & Desiree' KanesKreatures@msn.com

Ps. I have only had this pair since last summer so I do not know the definite genetics.

The pic is right out of the egg: