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06-10-2004, 02:15 PM
i am considering buying a green tree python or emerald boa. but do not know much about them.i would like to know about enclosure requirments,enviroment,and how agressive are they? do they allow handleing and the average price

Gex the Gecko
06-22-2004, 02:28 AM
I am currently looking into buyin a pair of GTPs or ETBs and looked up all the info possible so heres what i can tell you...

first off caging:
this depends on what type of snake your getting

a neonate
a 10-15 gallon TALL tank is good, subtrate that can hold moisture well, and LOTS of branches/perches for them to rest on as they are areboreal. mainting the 75-82 degree temp wont be to hard, humidty is within the 75% to 85% and also need good airflow, but not to much. range if im correct, may wanna check that though.

Now your getting somewhat serious, talking 24inches tall by24 inches deep and 24 inches wide, a somewhat pricy investment for a cage. Same rules apply as the neonate only now its a bit more challenging as the enclosure is bigger and adquete heating and humidty will be harder to achive, a good twice a day misting (Day/night) will keep up the humidty.

Now your dealing with a 3-6ft animal, which that neonate your think is so small now will grow into, like it or not.Same as the Sub-adult in size only 36 inches wide. VERY pricy investment. I recomend going to your local hardware store and building one out of plexiglass using Caulk as a sealent and making sure to seal it AIR tight. Drilling holes along the side for ventilation. all the rules still apply. a good subtrate, Many perches for them and now since the cage is so big, the addition of real plants would help maintain that humidty level your going to need. a 12/12 lighting cycle is recomended for all sizes of these snakes.

Now for the diffrences of ETBs and GTPs

GTP are a bit more active at night and hunt by searching for there food as oppsed to the emearlds. ETBs hunt in a rather stealth way by simply lowering 1/3 of there body from there resting area waitng for a food item to come near and they actually attack and constritct it in the air.

THe disposition of these animals is genrally aggressive but have heard a couple of stories that they are actually not so aggressive but those were all captive bred or handled as young snakes.

These are not your average snakes, they require a good devotion on mainting there temps and humd alone and dont handle stress well like other snakes. IF you think a ball python is a finicaky eater, try a stressed tree snake. There more of a display animal, sitting there in there trademark coil on a branch looking at the world with that look of, cant even explain it.
Hope this helps, BTW, there teeth are also longer then most constrictors, keep that in mind.