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04-04-2015, 07:43 PM
Redfoot Tortoises 3 1/2 inches to 5 1/4 inches 14 to choose from CB on our Farm
I have additional pictures of each animals , Top and Bottom, please let me know the ID number of the ones you are interested in.

Guaranteed Live Arrival
30 day replacement health guarantee.
Captive raised and bred on our farm in FT Lauderdale. FL

I have individual pictures of each animal, Face top and bottom, just email me and I can send any or all pics.

1- $129.00 each.
2- $115.00 each for two.
5- $100.00 each for Five.
10-$90.00 each for 10.

Shipping (any quantity) $50.00 Fed-X Door to Door Service.

#1 3 3/8 inch
#2 3 7/8 inch
#3 4 1/4 inch
#4 4 1/4 inch
#5 4 ˝ inch
#6 4 ˝ inch
#7 4 5/8 inch
#8 4 1/2 inch
#9 4 3/4 inch
#10 5 1/4 inch
#11 4 5/8 inch
#12 4 ˝ inch
#13 4 3/4 inch
#14 4 ˝ inch

If you’re looking for a well-established animals
way past the delicate hatchling stage with some size a weight, these are the animals for you.

Most animals have some mild pyramiding which can be seen in the pics if you look closely.

We can ship next day.

We except Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and back wire transfer.

Very active, eating and growing fast.

Hatchlings are Bred on our Farm in FT Lauderdale FL, USA
Guaranteed live arrival and 30 day health guarantee.
Bred on our Farm in Ft. Lauderdale FL, USA

Terms & conditions The Legal stuff: Federal Law requires tortoises sold as pets to be at least 4 inches. Tortoises 4 inches and over are legal Pet Shop Size these can be sold as pets (Please check your local & state laws). All tortoises less than 4 inch straight length are sold as per Federal guidelines 21CFR 1240.62, not sold as pets only sold for Scientific, Educational, Exhibition or Export

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Florida Iguana & Tortoise breeders
Breeding Tortoises and Iguanas for over 25 years.
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