View Full Version : For Sale Parker's Snakenecks (Chelodina parkeri)

01-20-2016, 09:24 PM
We have available 5 large and heavy females at this time. They are all eating shrimp and fish as well as live fish. These are recent imports from Indonesia. These are large and heavy turtles so shipping will be expensive.

Asking $250 each plus shipping.

Email with any questions.

PLEASE READ ***Shipping may not be possible to many places due to weather being too cold. Most deliveries will have to be pick up at your local FedEx hub only. Sorry for this inconvenience but the well-being of the turtles is our main concern.***

We accept Visa, Master card, Paypal, Money orders .
Send your zip code for shipping quote.
100% satisfaction guarantee if you are there to receive the package. We will NOT ship until we have agreed on a delivery date and times. It is the purchaser's responsibility to be there to get the package at the agreed upon time and date.
We will NOT ship when temps are below 30 degrees with any live-arrival guarantee.
DOA claims must be made within an hour of receipt of the animal and must be accompanied by a photo of the animal in the shipping container.

In the event of a return, buyer is responsible for shipping the animals back properly. In the event of a DOA on our end when receiving returned animals, we will not issue a refund.