View Full Version : For Sale 2015 holdbacks. Maps and DBTs. Plus more.

02-15-2016, 06:30 PM
Have some extra baby turtles from last year. Free shipping on any orders over $300. Otherwise shipping is a flat $45. Please text me or email for pictures and additional info. Pete@waterlandtubs.com 714-745-8878

Sabine map turtles- $165.00 each
Southern Sawbacks $175.00 each
Yellow blotch Sawbacks $550.00 each
Northern DBTs $30 each
$275.00 for 10 and free shipping.
$625.00 for 25 and free shipping.
$1000.00 for 50 and free shipping.
$1600.00 for 100 and free shipping.
1.3 LTC adult Ornate DBTs $4500.00 for the group.
Extra female adult Ornates $1200.00 each. Free shipping
Extra male adult Ornates $1200.00 each. Free shipping.