View Full Version : For Sale Pelusios Nanus Adult Pairs

John K
03-07-2016, 01:12 PM
We have a few nice adult pairs of rarely offered African dwarf Mud Turtles (Pelusios nanus) available. All are around 4 inches in size. All are eating good and are healthy. We are selling in 1 male and 1 female pairs. We also have a few extra females available. Pictures are of the actual turtles available. These all are in perfect condition. These guy don't come around often. So don't miss out!

$500.00 a pair plus shipping

SHIPPING : We ship FedEx Priority overnight anywhere in the USA for a flat $45.00.

PAYMENT : WE accept PayPal and all Major Credit cards.

PACKING : We use Styrofoam insulated reptile shipping boxes and add heat and cold packs when needed.

GUARANTEE : Live arrival is guaranteed on all lizards, turtles and snakes!!

You can contact us by email : fishzombies@yahoo.com or by phone (239) 645-6347.

Thanks for viewing...