View Full Version : Frilled Dragon Group

Shai Gurl
12-15-2004, 12:38 AM
Howdy there! More for sale!!! I have a KILLER group of frillies, can sell all together or in a pair of smaller groups! Gender stuff, I'm 10% sure on 2.1 of these guys, they're subadult/adults, and then I have 0.0.2 which I'm leaning more towards 0.1.1 but cannot guarantee on them... They're all a little underweight right now, got really P.O.ed after moving but their appetites have come back... Its now just a matter of putting them love handles back on!

2.1 adults - $640 shipped! (thats about $213 each).

0.0.2 - $325 shipped! (thats $162.50 each).

2.1.2 - $845 shipped!!!!!! (Thats $169.00 each for 2 adult males, an adult female, and what I'm thinking to be 1.1 juvies/sub adults!)... Hmm, ya know, this is the best deal - Unless I'm over estimating this sort of group would go for what regularly, somewhere over the $900 mark?

Like I said, they're a bit underweight after the stress of moving (and a new cage), but these are screamers... All they need is a bit of time and poofle! Fatties like they were before! Oh, and theres a bonus! You get to help a po' widdle cowgirl out of some financial woes, help her see her family this year! Isn't that just grand for the holidays?


Money orders or bank checks over night - Paypal please add $10 to help with part of the fees.