View Full Version : SOLD!! 1.1 Calabrian western Hermannís

02-12-2019, 08:39 AM
1.1 Western Hermannís from Calabria. There are only a 3.5 breeding colony of these in the United States.

Keep in mind Calabria has now been identified as a new, separate genetic cluster. There is a proven genetic report on that.

These come from stud book adults and have stud book numbers in the new stud book. Their SB numbers 1-1213 (male) born 8/10/17 and 1-1214 (female) born 8/6/17

These deserve to go to someone passionate in saving this specific locale. Someone who wants to make sure captive bred Calabrians thrive in the United States.

Please email randybetz@gmail.com or PM me.

Price is firm at 2,000.00 shipped.

Will only trade for hypo cherryhead hatchling or Egyptian.