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03-24-2019, 02:31 AM
I'm offering incubated sexed pair of my rare t.g. Marokkensis - North Moroccan Greek for $650 shipped for 1.1 but sexes are not guaranteed as you can tell from this picture they look different from most Greeks even as babies. These are not the common Greeks you see on market often. These north African Species like Libyan Greeks and Egyptians are protected and rare.

The first two pictures are of some of my 2019 Moroccan hatchlings, some of these were sold in pre orders and waiting to be shipped next week, I have 1.1 still available. Plus I have 7 more due to hatch in the next 14 days, so please get your order in if you are interested.
The 3rd and 4th picture is some of my adult female Moroccans they are not for sale

These North African Greeks are no longer being shipped to United States and only imported here for two years. Babies are usually one solid color unlike most Greek hatchlings some offspring may have a few dots but for most part there solid gold in color. The Moroccans that have the black dots on there scutes usually fade away in the first 2 months. These northern Moroccans take longer to incubate then Iberia and middle eastern Greeks that I have hatched in the past. So for in the past 3 years I have hatched out almost 60 baby Moroccans and all usually takes 70 to 85 days to incubate.
These characteristics set them apart and makes it easy to identify. As they get older they start showing more black in color. They can have many patterns. Most mature females have a “sun ray” pattern which shows on the middle of scutes and is gold and looks like rays as tortoise grows with more black.

These are under 4 inches so are sold for scientific, educational, and exhibition purposes only.
if you have any questions are would like more pictures please contact me at
thanks Aaron daniels