View Full Version : For Sale Two western hermann's babies(south France)

05-31-2019, 12:09 PM
Dear all, i finally got back from my business trip AGAIN, and sadly i decided to sell two more western hermann's babies(Varoise, France), i hope they can find a better home than mine. they are 2018 animals, i have them for almost a year, and they are doing great so far.

They both are TSF(look like it so far).

I'm asking $300 shipped for each ( because of the imperfect carapace), and here comes one 2018 Eastern hermann's (TSF) for free if both Westerns are taken together $600 shipped.

More pics for serious inquires only.

please email me at " bastand670@hotmail.com " or text 6102952372.

Thanks in advance !!