View Full Version : For Sale Yearling Marginated tortoises (from Peloponnesus)

01-19-2020, 01:12 PM
Feeding video from January 18th, 2020 - https://youtu.be/tGWV5x6-o5I

Species: Marginated tortoises, largest of the Testudo species, are gorgeous and hardy animals that do well outdoors year-round in the valley here in Northern CA and also at higher elevations as long as they don't get wet during hibernation.

The three that are available came from adults that originated from the Peloponnesus region. Referred to as dwarf marginated tortoises, these are smaller in size when compared to marginated tortoises from the other areas. Google Testudo marginata weissingeri for more information.

Enclosure: Outdoor housing when possible is the way to go. These tortoises love to graze and worship the sun.

Diet: The hatchlings are feeding on a variety of weeds, grape leaves, mulberry leaves, cactus pads, and rose petals. I feed Zoomed Grassland tortoise pellets twice a week as well.

What to expect: I am happy to answer any questions you have, before and after the transaction is over. The most important thing for me is that my hatchlings get a good home so if you are new to the hobby then I am happy to help you with every aspect of their care. E-mail is the best way to stay in touch with me.

See these links for reviews about me http://tinyurl.com/kml8f5n and http://tinyurl.com/hhsru6e

Guarantee: Guaranteed to be alive and outwardly healthy upon arrival if signed for upon delivery. Full refund, yes including the shipping cost, if the animal does not reach you alive.

Price: $225 each plus shipping or $650 for all three including overnight shipping.

Shipping: I will ship via Reptilesexpress for next day arrival. Please note that if you live in a small town or remote location then even if I choose 10.30 am delivery the package might still not be delivered until later in the day. Sorry but no USPS or second day shipping. I will e-mail you the tracking number when the package is shipped to you. I ship only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Packaging: I will always use a box with styrofoam lining. No additional cost for the box. Heat packs will be added as needed, again at no extra cost.

Payment: - Paypal and postal money orders accepted. Please e-mail me for my address or paypal ID depending on what you are using.

Note: All turtles/tortoises under 4" are sold for educational or research purposes only and not as pets. No sales to minors.

Please e-mail me at michael.rajkumar@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you.

Michael Thathuvaswamy