View Full Version : SOLD!! Tuscan Western Hermann Female Proven Breeder (old Studbook # 9016) born 10/ 2010

02-09-2020, 02:41 PM
I Purchased this tortoise from Larry in 2016 and she started laying that same year. she was born in October 2010 and a really cool small tortoise. I have a lot of clips of her laying eggs over the years and is a excellent breeder. She usually lays 3 clutches a year.
She is in great health and friendly, she weighted in today at 582g and is about 5.5 inches long. I have a a 1.3 group and due to up coming heart Surgery I'm thinning out a few tortoises in some of my groups.
She is $900 shipped
Aaron Daniels
Turtledaniels LLC