View Full Version : SOLD!! 1.0 2016 CB Elongated Tortoise

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02-12-2020, 12:28 PM
I'm slimming down my collection and have decided to part with my captive born Elongated Tortoise from 2016. I'm by no means an expert on sexing this species but based on rear scutes and slight concaving in plastron I would imagine it to be a male. Healthy animal with perfect shell and bright coloration. Diet includes dark leafy greens, mushrooms, Mazuri, and pinkies.

I am asking $300 plus shipping.

If you are interested or would like more info please call or text 818-530-3144. I can provide additional pics to serious buyers. I accept Paypal and all major credit cards. No payment plans, no trades, and no cheapskates. Shipping is overnight through Reptiles Express with live arrival guaranteed.