View Full Version : Liasis Olivaceus vs. Liasis Fuscu

12-24-2005, 07:14 PM
Looking to get one of either of these, male preferred.

From what I've read, they both make good pets with enough handling, and the former gets significantly larger- especially the female.

I've also noticed that the Olive is much more expensive than the water. I'm looking for a young animal- not interested in getting one that's already large.

I got a good bit of info on the olive from VPI (http://www.vpi.com/5VPIBreeders/OlivePython/OlivePython.htm), and some info on the water from here (http://www.northernreptiles.co.uk/caresheets/australian_water_python.htm), but wanted to get others experience with them.

I think I'm leaning toward the water because it looks like they don't get near the size of some of the olive's out there, and they seem to be more affordable. I also want to make sure I understand what the animals require to be healthy and happy before making a purchase.

Anything you guys can share would be much appreciated!!!