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Lucille 07-18-2012 06:19 PM

Not only do drones provide privacy concerns (at least to me) but apparently it was not difficult to 'spoof' one and redirect it, that is scary.

Metachrosis 07-18-2012 07:31 PM

No more scary then armed troops patrolling St Louis or city's in Ohio,Indiana
Folks best wake up!! waiting till 2013 ain't gonna cut it.
Again,its not about bullets and bottled water . . . . . .

Shadera 07-18-2012 07:42 PM

We have no privacy left. Anything we do have, is just an illusion.

JColt 07-18-2012 08:15 PM

I'm still worrying about google earth!

WebSlave 07-19-2012 02:21 AM

Just wait until the drones are run by AI, armored, and armed. Skynet, anyone?

This is just the beginning. Just like all of the rest of our "rights", to be taken away one step at a time.


Drones over US to get weaponized – so far, non-lethally

Published: 24 May, 2012, 14:12

American police officers may soon be able to use unmanned aircraft not only for surveillance, but also for offensive action. The drones may be equipped to fire rubber rounds and tear gas.

“Those are things that law enforcement utilizes day in and day out, and in certain situations it might be advantageous to have this type of system on the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle),” Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas told The Daily news app as he outlined the possible development.

The US military and CIA have used drones armed with lethal weapons to target militants overseas for years. The prospect of having “lite” versions of those remotely controlled killer-machines circling over America gave some second thoughts to rights groups.

“It’s simply not appropriate to use any force, lethal or non-lethal, on a drone,” Catherine Crump, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), told CBSDC.

She explained that an officer operating an armed drone from afar would simply not have the same understanding of a situation that an officer on location would have. So judgment on the use of force would be limited by this narrowness of observation.

“An officer at a remote location far away does not have the same level of access,” she explained.

ACLU is also worried about the general atmosphere of pervasive surveillance that may engulf America as the use of drone technology becomes wider.

“We don’t need a situation where Americans feel there is an invisible eye in the sky,” said Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst at ACLU.

“The prospect of people out in public being Tased or targeted by force by flying drones where no officer is physically present on the scene,” Crump added, “raises the prospect of unconstitutional force being used on individuals.”

There are other potential threats of a wide fleet of armed drones operating in a country. For instance, their communication is not tamper-proof, as the recent downing of an American spy drone by Iran showed. So malignant hackers may take over control of a police UAV and use it for nefarious ends.

The US Federal Aviation Administration allowed several public safety agencies to use drones domestically with fewer restrictions last week. UAVs weighting up to 11.3 kilos can now be operated by police, fire and similar departments without special approval.

The step moves forward a campaign for broader use of drones in America, which was launched by Congress in mid-February.
Source: http://rt.com/usa/news/us-domestic-drones-armed-090/

kylerimb 07-19-2012 08:51 AM

i never was a believer in the whole dumbing down of america thing. just couldn't see it. over the past 2-3 years, i've started to believe it. i've got 2 teenage kids, and i have had my mind blown at what they are taught in school. things like this just amplify my concerns for this country's future. why are people so complacent? allowing these drones to patrol our own skies? never would have happened a couple generations ago. at what point will people realize what is being done? when will it be too late? i don't know...but something's going to have to break at some point.

Metachrosis 08-10-2012 10:02 PM


more have been seen in Dallas and San Antonio,no viable video as of yet but it wont be long.

WebSlave 08-11-2012 12:40 AM

Does a person own the airspace above their property?

Shadera 08-11-2012 03:09 AM

I'm guessing that'd be a no. The only place I've seen truly restricted airspace was out on wsmr, where we had permission to shoot down anything that flew over our reactor.

Lucille 08-11-2012 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by WebSlave (Post 1495250)
Does a person own the airspace above their property?

Yes, but.....http://aviation.uslegal.com/ownershi...over-property/

Real property ownership is complex. There are rights of way allowing others to have legal access to one's property for particular reasons. Ownership can be divided as to time, and different parts of the property can be owned by different people (mineral rights).

Is there an expectation of privacy, and an interference with the use of the property?

I think that past decisions did not envision the sophistication of drones and their use in collecting information even when the information is not needed for any particular purpose.

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